Best Handheld Shower Heads 2017 - Buyer's Guide & Reviews

best handheld shower heads

UPDATE for 2017: Ever wondered where you can buy those great handheld shower heads you see on TV? Look no more - in this shower head review we’ll discover you all the secrets behind a successful purchase of the best handheld shower head.

Using hand held shower heads, instead of a regular wall fixed ones gives you more pleasure while you’re taking your daily shower. Most of the handheld shower heads usually comes with preinstalled massagers that will enhance the level of enjoyment and bring a flair to your daily routine. On the flip side, the hose which comes with most handheld shower heads will give you more flexibility during the shower which is especially important for families with kids or dogs.

Best Handheld Shower Heads On The Market

Delta Faucet Universal Showering Components 7-Setting HandshowerHandheld - Arm Mount4.4$20-$25
Ana Bath 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower SystemCombo System4.5$55-$60
Delta Seven-Spray Hand ShowerHandheld - Arm Mount4.4$18-$21
Delta Faucet 58469-PK Universal Showering Components, In2ition R Two-In-One Shower Arm Mount Hand ShowerHandheld - Arm Mount4.4$110-$115
American Standard Traditional 5-Function Complete Hand Shower KitCombo System4.3$170-$175

 Handheld Shower Heads = Full Control

men and women can use these

Mornings can be pretty stressful - someone is always in a hurry and you don’t get the time to take a shower without being interrupted or criticized for taking so long (even though you just entered!). Additionally, the fixed shower heads can be a real nightmare: they made you stay in one position throughout the entire shower, without being able to move or to relax. Thus, instead of coming out of the shower more relaxed and ready to hit the day, you get out crampy and stressed out.

With the hand held shower head in your bathroom, there won’t be stressful showers any more. A hose that comes with this type of shower head allows you to move freely around the tub. That way, you won’t have to be stuck in one place and your body will be in a more natural position than with a fixed shower head.

​Higher Pressure = Massage Effect

bathing yourself in high pressure water

Besides making you comfortable under the shower, handheld shower heads are designed to increase the water pressure. If you still doesn’t know what that means, let’s just say the high flow shower head makes the greater massage effect. Normally, a fixed shower head cannot control the pressure rate which comes from the community water system. A handheld shower head contain filters that bring the additional pressure to the water flow making the water run faster.


The result is a better shower power and strong stream of water which will help you to wash better without spending too much water. On the other hand, a strong water pressure can be of a great help for those of you who are having the hard time to wake up properly. If you’re feeling sleepy by the time you go to the shower, just turn on a tap and let the nice and strong stream of water help you to wake up and prepare for the day.

More Coverage Is King

Another thing that will help you to relax more by using a handheld shower head is their size. Most shower heads are 4 inch in diameter, but some of them are specially designed to be twice as bigger in order to give you a wellness experience. The bigger shower head means that it will cover the wider showering area, which will help you enjoy and relax more even if you’re showering for a couple of minutes. The best part is when you choose a handheld rain shower head - a wide ranged sprinkles will give you an extraordinary showering experience.

cover most of your body with a gentle stream of water

It’s pretty clear why a handheld shower head can bring you joy and happiness under the shower, but the real question is how to buy the top shower head on the market? There are so many different designs, shapes and colors and most of all - they all seem like the perfect one for you.

Resist your shopping urge for a moment. First read this step-by-step buyer’s guide and then go shopping.

Hand Held Shower Heads + What To Look For

Material - one of the first things you will be looking in a shower head (or any other object in that case) is the material from which it was made of. Most of the handheld shower heads are made of ABS plastic with various finish on top. If you’re looking for a durable shower head, then go with a metal finish. For a stylish look and modern design, you can choose the chrome finish - a nice touch if you want to renovate your bathroom a little bit, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Nevertheless, there are also shower heads with nickel finish, which is lightweight and will last a long time. On the other hand, you can choose a shower head with brass or stainless steel finish if you’re budget is flexible to handle the cost. Note that, besides their looks, they are pretty heavy and since you’re buying a handheld shower head it may not be the smartest choice.

Head size - varieties in head size means different showering angles and area. Smaller heads will have a smaller showering range, while bigger ones will cover wider area. It’s a great thing if you like to take a quick shower and use a mount for shower head. Most bigger shower heads come with additional features that increase the showering effect thus bringing you more pleasure and enjoyment.

Weight - when buying a handheld shower head, weight has a significant role in making your final decision before the purchase. Since you’ll be using your hands to hold a shower head, make sure you buy one that is lightweight. Any shower head except ones with brass or stainless steel finish will do the work. However, you need to pay attention to the hose weight, too. A heavy hose will add some weight even though the shower head is lightweight.

Features - hand held shower heads come with great features. Some of them include rain shower head while some others include massagers. Both features are designed to meet your needs and make your shower more fun and relaxed. More advanced features include water saving options (shower heads are specifically designed to give you a joyful shower without spending too much water) and water filtering options (for cleaner and healthier water, even underneath the shower).

A special feature is a shower heads hand combo - you get two different shower heads in one pack. A great deal for someone who doesn’t like the routine. Shower heads with more advanced features come with a price, but if they’re meeting your needs - why don’t go for them?

With or without the hose - some handheld shower heads come without the hose, which can be a big deal. Buying a hose separately means on the one hand bigger expenses and on the other shady quality. You never know whether a particular hose will fit in a selected handheld shower head. It can be frustrating because, if they’re not a fit, you will have to replace the hose and, probably, hire a plumber for the assistance. When buying a shower head, the best piece of advice is to look for one that comes with its own hose.

With or without the mount - the main reason most people buy a hand held shower head is the flexibility. With this type of shower head, you’ll be able to move freely and to enjoy more while taking the shower. The fact that is comes with or without the mount can mean to someone who either doesn’t have a mount in their bathroom or who sometimes wants to take a break from holding the shower head. Again, it’s up to you to decide!

Ready for the Reviews?

The moment of truth - which hand held shower head is the best choice? Which one is budget friendly? Which one is high quality and the best value for the money? Find out in our detailed review of top 7 hand held shower heads and combos.

REMINDER: You can see these types and all the rest best shower heads right here..

Hand Held Shower Head Reviews for 2017

#1 Ana Bath SS5450CBN

At the top of our list is Ana Bath handheld shower head, and not without a good reason. For more than an affordable price ($55 on Amazon) you get not one but two 5-inch wide shower heads with 60 inch long hose and a spa-like experience. And that’s the end - each shower head switches between 5 different functions to meet different needs from saturating spray to bubbling spray. Furthermore, a 3-way diverter is another great feature of this shower head combo because you can adjust the water flow and switch between handheld shower, stationary showerhead or both.

Stainless steel shower hose comes with additional brass nuts in order to prevent rusting and last longer. However, stainless steel and brass combined bring on some additional weight to the hose which can be a big issue if you’ll be using a handheld shower head more often.

Ana Bath shower head with handheld shower combo is the best choice for you if you’re looking the mix of high quality and affordable product. It’s quiet (despite raindrops effect and two shower heads) and easy to install. This shower head also has a water saving option, but it’s quite low pressure when both shower heads work at the same time.


Easy to install

two shower heads

water saving option

massaging and raindrops effect

nice design


heavy hose

low pressure when both heads work at the same time

EXTRA: We have a dedicated buyer's guide for picking your perfect rain shower head.

#2 Delta Faucet 75700W 

This one of the kind hand held shower head with mount and hose is the perfect choice for any family with kids or pets. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it a great choice. On the top of the shower head are placed soft rubber sprinkles which makes cleaning this shower head super easy and fast.

Several spraying options include fast spray, massage spray and full body spray among others, which is another great thing for those of you who likes to enjoy long showers. You get to choose the water flow rate and you can even use a pause option to get the extra time for shaving, applying a shampoo or doing something with your hands.

You’ll be stunned by the price of this piece of art - you’ll get the premium quality product for $25, which makes it the best value for the money yet. However, you might be disappointed with the flexibility of the hose, but surely you can find another hose and replace the one you get in the pack.


easy to install


seven different spraying options

water saving option

the best value for the money


stiff hose

#3 Peerless 76313 

Another shower head hand held shower combo comes with 3 different spraying/massaging options in both dual shower heads. With limited water usage (2.5 GPM), this shower head combo will make a nice addition to your bathroom, especially if you want to reduce the water usage due to long showers.

It maybe comes with a nice pack (two shower heads, a mount, 60 inch long hose), but it’s nothing but average. However, if you don’t want to spend too much money or run on a limited budget, this one will be the perfect option for you. You may not have the full experience as with more expensive options, but you will surely get a more advanced experience than with the regular shower head.

However, if you’re not looking for anything over the top, you might be satisfied with its features. It may appear simple, but if you need a reliable and low flowing shower head, this one is the right choice for you. Besides that, it’s easy to use and easy to install, which leaves you with no additional costs of hiring a plumber.


easy to use


water saving option

different spraying/massaging options



doesn’t come with too many options

#4 Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function

The most advanced shower-head/handheld-shower combo: with 24 different showering functions, this Hydroluxe product will give you the ultimate showering experience for the most reasonable cost. Each shower can be used separately or in combo - it’s totally up to you. Unlike some other shower combos, this one will keep the high water pressure even when the both showers are running together.

You get to choose from 5 different showering options with raindrops and massaging effects and different speeds. The other features and advantages include oversize chrome face, click lever dial, rubber clean jets, 3 way water diverter, stainless steel hose and much more. With this shower head combo you won’t get enough features to make your showering experience more satisfying - you will get the whole new dimension of showering. Did we mention that it’s easy to install and requires no additional help nor tools?

This one is for those of you who likes to keep everything expensive and luxurious. It’s a great accessory to your bathroom - with the simplest design and universal looks, it can easily be combined with almost any color of the tiles. However, it’s not so easy for cleaning - if you don’t wipe it right after the shower, the water will leave spots and marks which cannot be wiped afterwards. Be careful not to use chemicals - chrome finish of this shower head won’t handle well the aggressive substances nor chemicals.


easy to install (no tools required)

affordable price

the ultimate showering experience

high pressure (even with both heads running)

several different spraying options and speeds

water diverter



stiff hose

#5 URBST Luxury Handheld Shower Heads

This multi-function handheld shower head is designed to give you the best showering experience with its advanced spraying features. It’s highly universal button shower with raindrops effect for relaxed shower. However, don’t get fooled by its simple and modest looks - this shower head hides a complex design underneath the fancy chrome interface.

The main material of URBST Luxury shower head is ABS plastic covered with chrome finish, which allows it to be lightweight but still to maintain high quality. It’s very easy to use and the fact that manufacturer decided to go with square head instead of round one gives a hint about their philosophy - make it different in order to make it better.

Additional feature of this handheld shower head is that it can be used as a mirror because of its elegant and smooth chrome finish. However, since the material is not water resistant, it may leave spots on the head which wouldn’t look nice nor elegant. Make sure you wipe the shower head after each use - if you leave it wet, the water spots will ruin its perfectly smooth and elegant finish.

URBST hand held shower head is easy to install and requires no additional cost on hiring the professional. The surface of the shower head is designed to give simple and straightforward instructions. If you feel like not spending too much money on the shower head combos or some other luxury shower heads, this one will be the perfect choice for you. However, don’t expect to get the ultimate showering experience - you will be satisfied but not blown away.


easy to use

easy to install


great spraying options

can be used as a mirror


hard to clean water spots from the surface

#6 Hansgrohe 28507001 Raindance 

One of the most expensive hand held shower heads on the market, but it’s worth the cost if you’re looking for the best raindrops effect and massager. It’s designed to meet user’s preferences: with three different spraying options, you get to choose between full, massage or intense massage spraying. All the other features are secondary to this one, even with other handheld shower models.

The price of this shower head is a great fit for a big budget, but if you’re short on the money you can always go with another shower head with hand sprayer from this list. If the price is not the problem, you will make the best possible investment - not only it will last longer than most of the other shower heads (thanks to the chrome finish), but it will bring a flair to your bathroom making it more modern and unique.

With rotating handle it’s easy to control and switch between different spraying options. However, this is one of the few handheld shower heads that doesn’t come with the hose. That could be the problem because it can create an additional cost or it can turn out that there isn’t a fit for this particular shower head.


easy to use

rotating handle

easy to set spraying options



too expensive

hose not included

#7 Waterpik SM-653CG 

This handheld shower head combines the best spraying and massage features with a simple and easy usage. The best option for maximum water flow and powerful shower head performance. This shower head will give you all the essential features combined with some of the Waterpik’s unique solutions, like original shower massage. A flexible and easy to clean long hose gives you the flexibility and freedom to wash your kids, pets and clean your bath without unnecessary stretching or stressing out.

The front of the shower head is covered with a simple explanation of every spraying position. This feature allows almost everyone to use it - even kids can figure out what kind of spraying position they would like. It’s an easy to install piece which requires no additional costs for hiring a professional.

Another great feature is that you can change the entire bathroom design with purchasing this shower head. Since the price can meet almost every budget, you will get the perfect bathroom without investing too much money.


easy to install

easy to use

original shower massage by Waterpik


simple and elegant design

best value for the money

water saving options


slightly beyond average showering options

ordinary showering experience

And there you have it, the list of the best handheld shower heads to buy. Remember, if enjoy high pressure showers, you'll love one of these. Being able to take full control of where the water goes when you clean yourself, is a wonderful thing.