10 Best LED Shower Heads For Bathrooms with Reviews – 2017

the best led shower heads to buy with reviews for 2016

When it comes down to taking a shower, why make it boring? Since there are now shower heads that can play music, why not add some color to your showering experience. This guide is created specifically towards pointing you to the right direction when it comes to choosing the best standard style led shower heads.

LED’s can literally transform the whole showering experience for the better,  so let us show you exactly what are the top rated products money can buy. Below, you’ll find top 10 best led shower heads to purchase for virtually any bathroom. Whether you want something that is

10 Best LED Shower Heads On The Market Today With Reviews

PictureShower Head(s) ModelSizePriceRating
PictureShower Head(s) ModelSizePriceRating
DreamSpa® All-Chrome 3-way LED 4"$$4.5/5.0
LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7-Color Led 4"$4.8/5.0
HotelSpa® NeonTM Ultra-Luxury 7-setting LED 4.25"$4.6/5.0
Happy Shower® 12 Lights Color Changing LED 3.1"$4.7/5.0
HotelSpa® Giant 10" Rainfall Color-Changing LED 10"$$4.1/5.0
Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 4 Inch 5 Function LED 4"$$$4.0/5.0
Chrome Showerhead with Red/Green/Blue LED 7.9"$4.9/5.0
Deluxe Shower Head from Ezdozit 9"$4.9/5.0
LED Shower Head with Shower Hose - Color Changing LED . 6"$4.3/5.0
LED Color Changing Showerhead 6"$4.0/5.0

What Exactly Is An LED Lit  Shower Head?

Plain shower heads with LED bulbs built-in, is an addition to the standard shower taking experience. This is often done to help “liven up” and “add some color” to what normally, seems like a boring 5-10 minute shower.

In this instance, these units require the main lights to be off to show the max lights and color vibrancy. Often times, when you pick the right one,  you’ll see quite a show.

Main Advantages of LED Shower Heads

  • Stylish to look at – the best led shower heads often times not only have lights built in, but also look the part too. There’s no doubt that most styled with LED’s built-in, have attractive designs.
  • Create a more entertaining shower experience – instead of getting stuck with an regular shower, you can turn the lights off and use the colorful led lights from the shower head to lighten up the entire bathroom.

How To Find The Best LED Shower Head That Suits You?

When it comes down to simply finding the best led shower head, here’s the few things you need to look for;

  • User reviews – when shopping in places like Amazon, Sears, Home Depot etc.. it’s super wise to look at reviews from people who have personally bought the product. This way you’ll know way before you purchase what to expect.
  • Overall styling – it’s one thing to have a good quality product, great working led lights for the spunk, but what about it’s overall styling? Just by looking at the shower head it self, you can evaluate its appearance and decide whether it will look great in your restroom.
  • Great output from the led lights – what’s the point of buying an led shower head when the led lights barely put out any light in the first place… Believe it or not, some shower heads do that… we’ve created the top 5 below ensuring that these products produce wonderful displays of light primarily for your enjoyment.

The Top 5 LED Shower Heads Reviewed

1. LumnixTX Air-Turbo 7 Shower Head LED

LumnixTX Air-Turbo 7 Shower Head LED

LumnixTX Air-Turbo 7

Making it to the #1 spot in the best LED shower head category is the LuminxTX Air-Turbo. Compared to some other single led competitors, the LumnixTX  has duel facing fron  giving over 24 different spraying patterns.  You won’t be stuck with one color from the LED lights, because they have 7 different vibrant colors changing very 2-3 seconds.

With the name Air-Turbo, you guessed it.. it’s pressurized by air that is injected using the shower heads standard water pressure. More over, the secondary one is removable so you can reach the tough places.

Luminix includes a standard lifetime warranty and based on Amazon reviews, there’s currently over 20 user reviews with 4.8+ star average.

Click here to view user reviews and price on Amazon!


2. Happy Shower 12 Light Color Changing Shower Head

Happy Shower 12 Light Color Changing Shower Head

Happy Shower 12

Talk about a simple design, the HappyShower Brand 12 Light shower head is the definition of a simple, enjoyable and colorful  all-in-one. Unlike most powered by batteries, this one is powered by the water pressure which lights up the 12 super bright LED lights.

There’s absolutely no hassle to install this shower head, just remove your old one and screw the new one on.

Click here to view user reviews and price on Amazon!


3. DreamSpa All Chrome-3 Way LED Twin Shower System

DreamSpa All Chrome-3 Way LED Twin Shower System

DreamSpa All Chrome-3 Way

Being quite similar to the Lumnix brand, the Dream Spa is a very good addition to your current shower. With the two 4″ shower heads, you get a very cool LED color changing shower head which work like this: BLUE – Cool under 95F (35C), GREEN – Warm 95-108F (35-42C),  RED – Hot 109-122F (43-50C), FLASHING RED – Warning Hot over 122F (50C).

With various water pattern settings, you can also adjust the angle  or even take one from the mount and use it across your body.

If you feel intimidated to install this shower head, don’t be. It’s as simple as taking your old one off and screw this new one on.

Click here to view user reviews and price on Amazon!


4. Teika Chrome LED Color Changing Shower Head

Teika Chrome LED Color Changing Shower Head

Teika Chrome LED

This has by far the highest user rating of any we have in the line up. The Teika Chrome LED is a very budget friendly shower head intended to be an excellent alternative for some of the more expensive brands. For around 20 dollars, you get a single handheld shower head which boasts 15 LED lights and 3 different color changes.

Like the DreamSpa, this one has a built in temperature sensor which changes the LED colors accordingly. The main benefit is you won’t have to physically feel the water to know what temperature it’s at. The color will say it all!

Click here to view user reviews and price on Amazon!


5. HotelSpa 7-Setting LED Color Changing Shower Head

HotelSpa 7-Setting LED Color Changing Shower Head

HotelSpa 7-Setting

At #5, we have is the HotelSpa 7 Hooking it up, you’ll notice that it takes absolutely no batteries of any kind. Much like the really good shower heads which run off of the water pressure, this one does the same. Used as either overhead or handheld, the 4″ unit offers 7 different settings and 3 additional spray patterns.

The various LED lights change colors when temperatures vary form cold to hot, basically letting your know when to get in before even touching the water. This unit with led lights will not disappoint you if you’re looking for a stunning & soothing shower experience.

Based on over 40 different buyer reviews that left an average rating of 4.6+ stars, we can safely say that we definitely recommend this led shower head.

Click here to view user reviews and price on Amazon!


In conclusion, showerheads that have the built in LED feature not only look cool when on, but also function as great temperature gauges that are extremely easy to read.

If you want something that’s quite different from your current boring shower head, lean towards an LED styled products.

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