Best LED Shower Heads 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

led shower headsUPDATED FOR 2017: Want to spice up your morning showers? You should try with led shower heads. These wonderful and colorful shower heads will make your showers more fun and relaxed.

The other benefits of a using light up shower head are that displaying different colors can have a different effect on your mind and mood. The beneficial effects of colors are known as chromo therapy and includes the visual impact of the color on creating mental images that your mind associates with different feelings, states, and activities.

For example, Violet is a great color if you like meditation because it will soothe your body and muscles and will help you release the negative emotions and pressure you’re feeling. On the other hand, green creates the sensation of harmony and calmness in your brain and helps you relax.

Quick reference: led shower heads & light up shower heads = same thing.

LED Shower Heads = 5X More Fun Showering

light up shower heads

Before you rush off and buy one of those shower heads, we want to make sure you pick the one that will suit you the most. That’s why we prepared a list of things you should consider before you buy a led shower head.

You may be surprised by the one you pick when you finish reading this buyer’s guide. Below, we give a few reasons why to choose these

Light Up Shower Heads + Why Choose One

> Light up shower heads are fun. For no particular reason and with a really small investment, you can have a blast while taking a shower. It would be a great addition for families with kids who will enjoy their shower time even more.

> You can visually check the temperature. Light up shower heads with temperature sensors will indicate the water temperature by changing color from blue, to green, to red. A great thing for those of you who always get burned by accident or run into a freezing water.

> They will glow in the dark – and you could still take a shower! Not only you can save some money on the electricity bill, but you could also have a new unusual experience under the shower.

> Spice up the atmosphere under the shower – a light-up shower head is a great thing if you want to surprise your partner in an uncommon way. It’s really romantic to take a shower under the lights, which will help your relationship.

How Does One Work?

how one of these actually worksOn the outside, light up shower head looks like any shower head. But when you turn on the water, it lights up depending on the water temperature. Most of the shower heads are using water pressure to make lights running. On the other hand, there are ones which use batteries for turning on the lights.

Although some people may believe that these type of shower heads are dangerous (because they use the electricity), that’s not true.

The batteries are protected and placed in a separate plastic box, so not water can enter in there. It’s completely safe to use battery charged shower heads, because the battery power used in this heads is very low, and it cannot cause the electric shock or some other type of injury.

Generally, these are powered by impellers or turbines which are running if there’s a water pressure or a battery power. Some shower heads have a microcontroller with a temperature sensor, which helps you determine the right water temperature before you even go to the shower. Usually, the temperature sensors are connected with different LED lights that are turning on once the water increases or decreases in temperature. For example, if the water is too cold, the light will turn out blue. If the water is hot, the light will be red. If it’s too hot, the lights will be flashing red. A green light means that the temperature of the water is ideal for taking a shower.

pressure keeps these LED's lit up

Most light up shower heads using the water pressure as their primary source of power are not always showing the exact colors we named here. Some of them might show a whole specter and appear more like a rainbow that an actual temperature indicator. These are mostly shower heads that don’t include temperature sensors. The best thing to do before buying one is to check whether they have a temperature sensor or not.

Lighted Up Shower Heads – What You Should Know

There are several key things you should consider when choosing light up shower heads. However, you need to know that most of these shower heads aren’t the top quality. Most of them are made by average companies which don’t put high-quality built-ins into the products. If you’re expecting a much higher level of quality, this may be a disadvantage for you. After all, it’s only a shower head with an addition of LED lights.

showing you how its powered

How one is actually powered.. ALL about water pressure

How it is powered – There are two types based on how LEDs are lighted up. The first type is powered by impellers or turbines which get cycled once the water starts running onto them. Impellers then turn on the LED lights which start to glow.

The other type of  uses batteries in order to switch LED lights on and off. Both types of shower heads are safe to use – even though some might think that light up shower heads with batteries will cause an electric shock and aren’t safe to use.

different colors you'll see How it changes colors – There are differences in the color changes with different types of shower heads. Some of them might use three different colors to indicate the water temperature (blue for cold, green for warm, and red for hot water), while some others might use a specter of colors with no specific water temperature indications.

If you want a light up shower head that will indicate the precise color for a different water temperature, you should first check the description of each shower head.

temperature sensorsTemperature sensors – Microcontrollers that are installed inside the shower head are connected to the temperature sensors. Once the water starts running, the sensor can catch its temperature and light up the specific color. The LED lights are also connected with temperature sensors which allow them to turn on the right color for a temperature range.

However, there are also light up shower heads that aren’t temperature sensitive, which means that they don’t have temperature sensors installed. These shower heads change their color randomly, thus showing a spectrum of colors which has no connection to the water temperature itself.

Other features – Since light up shower heads aren’t made of a high-quality built-ups, manufacturers included different features in their design to try to compensate for the lack of built quality.

Most advanced options include temperature indicator on the outside of the shower head with a display that changes colors depending on the water temperature or different settings and massage options (raindrop, economy, etc.). It’s great to have some advanced options to add to your light-up shower head, but most of them will affect the price of the product.

determine what the price is before you buyPrice – If you find the shower head that will meet your needs, you won’t be asking for the price.

However, most buyers won’t spend too much money if they don’t have to – they’re looking for the best value for the money.

The great news is that most light up shower heads are affordable to an average budget, so you’ll get a nice shower head for a small price.

Don’t expect that they’ll come with features like temperature controller or display – for those types of shower heads, you’ll have to set up a bigger budget.


In this review section below, we’ll reveal some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of the best light up shower heads in 2017. All models can be looked on Amazon – and we picked the ones with the highest reviews and ratings.

NOTE: While these are very entertaining, consider getting a kids shower head. Just for your child. In most cases, it will make bathing time much easier and quicker. Now, if you want to shower with your children, consider getting a 2 person shower head. Life is sometimes more fun when TWO are showering together.

COMPARISON: 5 Best LED Shower Heads On The Market

PictureShower Head(s) ModelSizePriceRating
PictureShower Head(s) ModelSizePriceRating
DreamSpa® All-Chrome 3-way LED 4"$$4.5/5.0
LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7-Color Led 4"$4.8/5.0
HotelSpa® NeonTM Ultra-Luxury 7-setting LED 4.25"$4.6/5.0
Happy Shower® 12 Lights Color Changing LED 3.1"$4.7/5.0
HotelSpa® Giant 10" Rainfall Color-Changing LED 10"$$4.1/5.0

TOP PICK: Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 4″ Best Light Up Shower Head for 2017

If you’re up to double fun under the shower, you should try Ana Bath’s Shower Combo. Although there’s only one color displayed – blue – you can still enjoy the benefits of having a shower system rather than a single shower head.

best light up shower head to buy

This LED shower system is self-powered, which means that light is turning on as the water flows down. There are rainfall and massage settings available for this system and you can easily adjust it to work in either both shower heads or in each one separately. 

Ana Bath’s light up showerhead set is one of the quietest on the market. Despite the fact that these are pressure boosting shower heads, you won’t be hearing too much noise, so it’s a great choice for ones that have kids (which are scarred by the noise).

Some of the features that come with this shower set include 60-inch hose made of stainless steel, a 3-way diverter mount, and a chrome plated finish. One of the greatest features is water saving technique, which allows you to freely enjoy long showers without worrying about the water bill. The design of this system will make your bathroom even more beautiful and it will cost you almost nothing compared to the total renovation costs. It’s an easy to install the piece, so you won’t have to hire additional help.


  • Easy to install
  • Shower combo – greater showering experience
  • Great features


  • Displays only one color
  • Requires high pressure to run

#2 Lightinthebox 8″ LED Rainshower Head

Lightinthebox LED shower head is built to last. It’s built from copper which makes it resistant to high temperatures, erosion, and abrasion. On the top of that goes a chrome finish, which gives it a modern look that is universal to any bathroom.

A temperature sensitive shower head is connected to LED lights, which are changing according to a different temperature scale. There are three light changes: red light for water with temperatures range between 41 and 50 C (105.8-122 F); green light for water with a temperature range between 31 and 40 C (87.8-104 F), and blue light for water with the temperature ranging between 0 and 30 C (32-86 F). If light starts to flash, that means the water temperature is higher than 51 degrees and may go up to 100.

Since it’s self-powered shower system, the motors built in inside of the shower head can be pretty noisy for someone who isn’t accustomed to that type of the noise. Probably it would be a dealbreaker if you’re expecting a quiet shower head. Other disadvantages include the design and the type of the installation. For some buyers, it may seem cheaply looking, because of a simple chromed finish. As for the installation goes, it doesn’t come with a spare arm handle, so it looks like hanging from the ceiling and not wall mounted.


  • Anti-erosion
  • Anti-abrasion
  • High-strength
  • Durability
  • Temperature sensitive


  • Noisy
  • Not a great design
  • Cheaply made


#3 Gre-Forrest 7-Color Handheld Light Up Shower Head

Here’s one light-up shower head that doesn’t come with temperature sensors. This may be a great pick for you if you’re not looking for anything specific, but just want to have a nice color changing LED shower head in your bathroom.

Gre-Forrest is an easy to install a shower head with no battery usage. The lights are turning on when the water starts flowing down. There aren’t any switches to turn on the light – they start glowing automatically, as soon as you open the faucet.

This shower head is no temperature sensitive, meaning it changes colors randomly. There are seven different colors that are changed within a few seconds, giving you an exciting experience. It’s an ideal shower head for showering in the dark – try to turn off the lights and watch the most beautiful rainbow colors changing in your bathroom.

It’s an easy to install and quiet LED shower head which makes a perfect addition to your bathroom with spending a minimum amount of money. However, if you’re expecting some major and advanced features, you should look for some other model. This is a very modest in design and quality but will suit the purpose.


  • Easy to install
  • Best value for the money
  • 7 different colors
  • NO batteries
  • Quiet
  • Lights changes automatically


  • No temperature sensitive
  • Average design


#4 DreamSpa Aqua Fan 12″ Temperature Controlled 

For those of you who want something extraordinary in the bathroom, you should definitely try out the latest DreamSpa Aqua Fan LED shower head. This 12-inch shower head has a LED/LCD temperature display, which makes it a perfect fit for someone who likes to keep up the water temperature right under the shower. You will always be informed on the actual temperature which will be indicated by the large display. The change of color occurs once when water hits a certain temperature range. There are four different colors on the display: flashing red (for extremely hot water), red (hot water), green (warm water), blue (cold water).

It’s another type of LED shower head that uses the water flow as a primary source of energy for the LED lights. However, if you’re looking for a real shower experience that will make you stay under the shower for much longer than you can, you will be surprised with 123 rub-clean jets. It will give you the ultimate rainfall showering and make your mornings the perfect part of your day. It’s also angle adjustable, which gives you the freedom to move around the shower and still get the perfect showering experience.


  • Temperature sensitive
  • Self-powered
  • LED/LCD temperature display
  • 4 different colors
  • Rub clean jets for ultimate rainfall showering experience
  • Angle adjustable
  • Easy installation


  • Noisy
  • Not for an average budget

#5 PowerSpa 7 Color-Changing  Dual Shower Set

Best known as the only 7 color-changing LED shower head combo with chrome finish, this PowerSpa product will definitely make a change in your showering routine. With the advantage of having two showers instead of one, you can combine different styles and speeds for the best showering experience.

It’s powered by running water so requires no batteries or additional cables to turn the lights on. Supercharged Air Turbine design adds the water pressure and efficiency by injecting the oxygen into the water, which guarantees you the best possible showering experience. Unlike the most shower head combos, this PowerSpa LED light up shower head will remain on the same level of water pressure even when both showers are running simultaneously.

Four different settings – water saving (economy), massage, rain and massage & rain combines – will give you the variety of experiences and help you to relax. This shower combo is not temperature sensitive – the color is changing randomly, in a sequence with pauses in between each color. The additional features include a stainless steel hose, rub clean jets, click-action lever, water diverter, washers and plumber’s tape.

If you’re in a need of a perfect present for your friends or family, this shower combo would make a great one because it’s the best value for the money you could get.


  • No water pressure decrease
  • Great features
  • High efficiency
  • Stainless steel hose
  • Easy to install
  • Great price


  • Not temperature sensitive


#6 PowerLead SH001 COLOR CHANGING – Wide Body Coverage Head

For those who doesn’t find the round design fit for your bathroom, you should consider this square shower head by PowerLead. With temperature sensors connected through a color changing the filter, you will enjoy the brightness of the colors.

Unlike the other LED shower head, this PowerLead will make your shower possible without turning on the additional bathroom light – talking about saving some money on the electricity bill. Besides saving your money on electricity, one of the benefits of choosing this type of LED shower head for your bathroom is in the fact that you can easily create a romantic getaway for you and your spouse.

If you’re feeling too tired or stressed out and have no money or time to go somewhere for the weekend, you should definitely rely on this color changing LED shower head combo.

Like many other shower heads, this one also requires no additional help to install it. It is a great fit for every standard bathroom and it’s built to last. The chrome finish gives a modern look and perfectly covers ABS plastic underneath. It’s proven extremely corrosion resistant.

However, if you expected much more features than 3 color changing LED lights, you will be disappointed. It’s one of those “in the budget” types which will give the all you need but not the all you can get. If you’re fine with the fact that you will have a reliable and durable LED shower head, feel free to pick this one.


  • Easy to install
  • Great price
  • Unique design
  • Durable
  • Corrosion resilient


  • Average features and performance

#7 MagicShowerhead SH1026 – Simple and Affordable LED Shower Heads

Another “in the budget” type of LED shower head that comes with a twist – fading color options. If you’re a fan of the mantra “the happiness is in the small things”, you will love this MagicShowerhead.

The simple design and execution may not be the best features of your fancy bathroom, but it will certainly make a difference one you turn it on. It’s a no battery system, which runs with the help of water power that turns lights on and off. 

However, it comes with another surprise – a water saving option. The water consumption with this shower head doesn’t exceed 2.5 GPM at 80 psi. A great news for someone who likes to take long showers – and now actually has a reason to do so.

One of the rare LED shower heads that doesn’t make too much noise. It’s quiet when running but quiet when closes, too. Since it’s a fixed shower head, it won’t give you much room for flexibility, so it may turn out to be a dealbreaker if you want a sensational experience. However, you can move the water jet. It’s adjustable to different positions so you can easily direct the water flow.

On the flip side, it’s one of the few LED shower heads that are easy to maintain. Just remove the transparent cover and wipe off the lead and dirt from the shower.


  • Simple design
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Price
  • Water saving option
  • Fading Colors


  • Too simple
  • Not flexible


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