Best Bluetooth Shower Head Speakers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

best bluetooth shower speaker

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UPDATED FOR 2017: The best Bluetooth shower head for most people are unknown. Reason being, no-one ever talks about these, let alone knows playing music is even an option. Like most, you like to take long showers. That’s your piece of heaven: a moment to relax listening to a good music, a radio show, or a recent audiobook by your favorite writer.

Hold on! How can you listen to the music while showering? Isn’t that dangerous?

Haven’t you heard about the Bluetooth shower heads yet?
Then read on!

Best Bluetooth Shower Heads For The Money

*top 5

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet Detachable4.6$45-$50
KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Detachable4.3$80-$85
Facilla Modern 8" Detachable4.3$35-$40
Bluetooth Shower Speaker - Portable4.5$25-$30
RepelBox Bluetooth Shower Speaker Portablerel="nofollow"4.7$55-$60

These Bluetooth shower head speakers are designed for people who likes to enjoy their morning or evening showers. Although they may seem expensive, there’s nothing that can buy a perfect moment of peace and happiness for you. Nothing you tried so far can be compared to a speaker shower head – so stay with us and discover why these guys are so popular and what you can expect from the best ones!

Who likes to sing while taking a shower?

bluetooth - guide shower head speakersFor those of you who can’t imagine a day without music, you know how great singing under the shower is. Better yet, if you take your favorite song (or a playlist) with you, you get pumped up with positive energy that will last a week.

Having a Bluetooth showerhead can be a huge advantage not just for relaxing, but also if you have something real quick to go through before your morning meeting. The other benefits of having these shower heads include:

Stay informed – besides music, you can also listen to the radio. That’s super important if you need to stay up to date with the relevant information regarding politics or economics. On the other side, it’s also good to know a weather forecast for the day or other useful information about traffics.

Take your calls – some speaker shower heads can take your phone calls. It’s a great thing when your schedule is tight and you really don’t have the time to do the shower and a phone call afterward. This way, you can take a call while you’re in the bathroom, but it’s probably not a clever idea to do it with the water running.

Bring it with you – did you know that you can take your speaker shower head with you? You don’t have to be in the bathroom to use it. Sometimes you may want to listen to the music while preparing breakfast for your family or getting dressed for the work. Just unplug the speaker from the shower head and bring it with you!

Multitask – a Bluetooth shower head is a great tool for all of you busy people who needs to get all done in a matter of second. If you’re late and you need to run through your notes or you need to check your inbox or your boss sent you a last minute version of an important file you can do all that while taking a shower.

Stay motivated – self-improvement is a big issue today, especially if you want to be at your A game level. A speaker shower head will give you time for your morning ritual by listening to your favorite motivational speeches or the latest audio program.

Really easy to install – if you thought it will take day and night to get your shower speaker head going, you’re wrong. It’ll take only a few seconds to put it on your shower and start enjoying your showers.

Shower Heads With Speakers and Features

best bluetooth shower head

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You can’t wait to get your Bluetooth shower head, but slow down a little bit! We want to make sure you check all the important features before you pick and buy the perfect shower head for you. Here’s a list of 10 things you should look for when buying a speaker shower head.

Connectivity – a regular shower speaker head will function at the range of 30 to 40 meters from the source. However, you might want to check what type of Bluetooth software a shower head uses. The latest software will guarantee you the best user experience. On the other hand, make sure that a shower head can connect to your call history, just in case you want to use the option of taking calls under the shower.

Sound volume – another important feature of a speaker shower head is a sound volume. Since a running water can be pretty noisy itself, you need to make sure that the speaker has enough power to maintain the volume of music.

Playback – did you know that you don’t have to use a radio to listen to the music from a Bluetooth shower head? It can also run as a music player and some of the coolest ones can do up to 10 hours of a playback! Considering you’re taking a 10-15 minute shower, this thing can serve you up to two months or listen to the greatest music.

Easy installation – almost every shower head with a Bluetooth speaker requires minimum effort to install. Or better say – doesn’t require installation at all! However, you may check this feature out before you purchase a shower head. If there’s a clear step-by-step instruction which your kid can understand, then it’s a good deal. If you can’t find any instructions on the box, ask the shop clerk for a feedback.

Battery – as with any device that is running on batteries, you should look for durable lithium-ion batteries. The least expensive option is chargeable batteries, but not all models of speaker shower heads come with this option.
Shower spray – a great music or radio podcast is only one part of a great showering experience you’re looking for.

The other part you should pay attention to is a type of a shower spray. Some models come with raindrop spray while the others come with not so exciting spray features. However, don’t expect a high pressured shower head because it needs to adjust to the speaker.

Volume control – don’t set high expectations on this one – speakers in shower heads are good, but not great. You won’t get much of bass tones (because the speakers are too small in size and power), but you will get a great mid and high tones. That will give you a solid sound.

The quality of a sound – since there’s no depth (because shower speaker heads cannot perform bass tones), you will get a clear and crispy sound in mid and high tone area. If you have a sensitive ear, you may

Securing mechanism for the speaker – a really important thing is how the speaker inside the shower head is secured. Is there a separate mechanism that guarantees the safety of a speaker? Can the speaker be removed from the shower head and used separately, without losing its qualities? You should check these questions before you purchase a shower head.

Reliable – if you’re in a need of a shower speaker that will serve for more than playing music or radio, then you need to look for those who can take phone calls. There’s a couple of those out there – and some of them can even make calls for you!

There’s a huge demand for Bluetooth shower heads over the last couple of years, but only a few manufacturers work continuously to provide their customers the best possible showering experience.But, before you rush off to Amazon or eBay and book your Bluetooth shower head, read our review of the best speaker shower heads in 2017 and 2016. We made a comparison of 5 most popular and best value-for-the-money shower speaker heads for you.

Best Bluetooth Shower Head Reviews for 2017

*top 5

#1 H2oVibe – Best Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head On Our List

One of the most popular shower speaker heads on Amazon is H2oVibe Rain Showerhead. It perfectly combines an amazing, spa-like showering experience with a wireless Bluetooth speaker, giving you a great value for the reasonable amount of money.

The installation is easy and fast so you can do it by yourself or you can get an expert installation for the additional $74.49 which is not worth the cost considering the fact that you can do it by yourself. It also comes with an easy to read instructions and installation manuals.


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A shower spray is ultra-wide and powerful, considering the fact that shower heads don’t employ a high pressure. Compared to other shower heads, this one offers three times more spray power than regular shower head with a jet. In other words, you will get a premium showering experience and enjoyment for the least effort.

However, the greatest feature is a wireless speaker that can be detached from the shower head. You can listen to a clear and vibrant sound from any Bluetooth enabled device. Additionally, you get the option of answering your calls from a bath or shower and there’s a separate push button to answer calls. The sound volume is strong and clear and comes with the option of enhanced noise reduction.

H20Vibe Rain Showerhead comes with lithium batteries which take 3-4 hours to charge. The signal range is 33 feet, which is fairly enough for a regular smartphone or another Bluetooth device to pair. Play time is estimated up to 10 hours if you’re using it for a 10-minutes shower per day.

The price for this speaker shower head is a theme for itself. Most of the customers on Amazon praised this product because it gives you the best quality features at the lowest cost. You really don’t have to look for anything expensive or fancy, if you’re on a budget.

A nice chrome finish on the top of the plastic gives this shower head a modern design that will fit any bathroom. The package includes USB charging cable.


– Easy installment
– Reasonable price
– Removable speaker
– A great shower spray

– Too lose around rotating ball
– Available in one color


#2 KOHLER 9245-CP – An AMAZING Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for a premium class Bluetooth shower head, this KOHLER model is a match for you. The biggest difference between this one and H2oVibe Rain Showerhead is – the price.



In any other feature, KOHLER is pretty similar to the H20Vibe showerhead. They both have removable wireless Bluetooth speaker with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. However, the lifespan of KOHLER’s battery is much shorter – only up to 7 hours of music, radio, podcasting or audio books.

This shower head can be synced with almost every phone, tablet, laptop or mp3 device that has a Bluetooth-enabled connection. The signal range is narrower that with H2oVibe – 32 instead of 33 feet, but who will make a fuss over one inch if you get the ultra high-quality shower head with a Bluetooth speaker?

However, KOHLER seems to put more effort in optimizing the shower spray of the shower head. In addition to 2.5 GPM model, you can also find 2 GPM model. In both cases, you will save water without noticing the change in the quality of the spray. The spray face is covered with silicone which makes it easier to maintain it – just wipe any mineral buildup from the showerhead.

A removable speaker is easily installed on the shower head and you can easily take it in and out in no time. It can be used in other places that bathroom, like the kitchen, bedroom or even outside.

A note for music lovers: you may be disappointed with the kind of muted sound.

– Easy to install
– Removable speaker
Water saver
– Available in four different colors

– Price
– Narrower signal range
– Shorter play time
– Muted sound


#3 Spa Living – Very Affordable Bluetooth Shower Head Speaker

Another great rain shower head with a detachable speaker is by Spa Living. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of listening to music outside of your bathroom and take phone calls/listen to customized playlists. It’s a

Spa Living

Spa Living

very modest, but great shower head if you’re looking for something not too expensive but functional.Unlike the previous models, Spa Living has a signal range of 39 feet and the battery duration of 11.5 hours. Besides that, total standby time is up to 15 days – and it even comes with its own built-in radio!

Spa Living Bluetooth Shower comes in different colors, which will fit in beautifully in your bathroom design. Even though it’s a tiny detail, it can make your bathroom look fresh and modern.

A battery is a standard 110 V lithium-ion battery that will take up to 4 hours to recharge. You may find some difficulties pairing it with a laptop or mp3 player, but it should work well with smartphone or tablet. However, the synchronization is not so smooth as with other wireless speaker shower heads and this can be a fuss if you’re not so patient. For that money, you can’t expect a premium quality shower speaker.
– Wider signal range (39 feet)
– Longer durability
– Standby time up to 15 days
– 88 nozzles for an extraordinary spray coverage
– Waterproof and dustproof


– Undetachable speaker
– Poor speaker quality
– Poor spray experience


#4 iFox iF012 – Stand-Alone LOUD Showering Bluetooth Speaker

iFox came out with an updated 2017 model – and it’s a pretty good one. In fact, it offers much more than all the other models combined. And here’s what you can expect in detail. Shower speaker comes with white filled buttons, just to make sure you don’t miss a button. Although it may seem like an irrelevant feature, you will learn to appreciate it once you need to press play or stop with slippery hands.

iFox iF012

iFox iF012

Did you know that you can immerse this unit in 3-inch deep water and it will still work? It’s fully waterproof – not just covered with silicone like KOHLER – which gives it a great advantage among other shower speaker models.

However, the greatest feature is a full control over sound volume. With easy to follow instruction manual, you will discover how can you increase volume, switch to the next song or answer a phone call. iFox shower speaker is easily connected with all Bluetooth devices and it only takes 5 seconds to do so. If you need an additional speaker in your car, you can detach this one and use it with the same sound volume and quality as while you’re taking a shower.

The rich and vibrant sound comes from a 3-watt power supply which sounds almost unbelievably good to be true. The speaker sticks firmly to the shower head, so you won’t have to worry it will fall out. The suction cap attaches to any glass, plastic or ceramic surface in the bathroom or elsewhere. Not sure if it sticks on a wet surface, though.

The play time is 10 hours, which is an average timing compared to the other models. However, it will take under 3 hours to get fully charged, which is a great thing if you’re in a hurry and need your amazing speaker on the go with you.

For those of you who are worried that you’re wasting money on this one, iFox made a great deal – a 12-month money-back guarantee. If money isn’t the issue, you can still return it – with no questions asked.

If you considering a birthday gift for your partner, this iFox iF012 shower speaker is worth the cost. They really designed it sweep you out of your feet not only by its design (which is nice, but nothing special), but also with its features.


– Easy to install
– White filled buttons
– Fully waterproof
– Full control over sound volume and functions
– 12-month money-back guarantee

– No additional colors
– Design not as expected

#5 RepelBox – Super Affordable Bluetooth Speaker For Bathrooms and Showers

It’s not a built-in unit, but it will still do the work – RepelBox designed a waterproof shower speaker you can take with you wherever you go.



A sound quality is among it’s greatest features. It has a nice and full sound in mid and high range, but as with any other shower speaker, the bass area is not its strongest trait. Overall, the sound is loud and clear giving you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite music in the best possible way.

This one can be a hassle for those of you who doesn’t have time to spend on plugging/unplugging USB cords. You need to set a USB cord that comes with the speaker and another USB cord (preferably with a charger at the end) that will be put in an outlet. But, it works well despite the moist and water from the bathroom.
Connectivity can be an issue with this one – if your phone is too far away from the speaker, it may be skipping and preventing you from enjoying your favorite music. This can be annoying and frustrating, and it’s probably not worth the cost. Having in mind that you can buy a premium product for small bucks, you should better think twice about this one.

Pair it with another Bluetooth device and you will get an excellent experience in under 10 seconds. Different sounds serve to notify you that the synchronization is completed and the blue light will indicate when it’s time to charge it.

If you need a reliable device to take your most important phone calls (even when you’re bathing or spending time outdoors), RebelBox is a choice for you. You can also make calls to anyone – just connect it to Siri and use voice actions to complete a call.

A 30 days money-back guarantee with a lifetime warranty is an additional benefit if you choose to go with this unit. At least you can try it out and if not satisfied, you can send it back and ask for a replacement or you can ask for a total refund.

Overall Conclusion

To sum up, a Bluetooth shower head is a smart choice for those of you who are looking a way to stay motivated and energized in the morning. A great sound quality will take your bathing to the next level and very likely that you may not want to stop. However, when picking the most recommended top shower heads to get with Bluetooth speaker, make sure you check out our buyer’s guide and follow some of the instructions you’ll find there. It will save you time and money and direct you towards a solution that will suit you the most.

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Video Example of the H2O Vibe Shower Head with Bluetooth Speaker

As the #1 pick on our list, the H2O Vibe is an amazing bargain for all the functionalities you get. Though the video dives deeper, let us warn you ahead of time. First, it’s affordable for anyone to buy. It has a soothing stream of water, and most importantly, it plays music via bluetooth from up to 10 meters away (30 feet). Watch video below to learn a lot more.