11 Best Shower Heads To Buy Today with Reviews – 2017

A great shower can wake you up and energize you both in the morning and at night. Whether you prefer a nice high pressure shower or a simple and smooth low-pressure shower to help you relax. At ShoweringCenter, we want to help you pick the best shower head that fits your exact needs.

Right below, we’ve got a simple to follow chart that shows various shower head reviews. Simply find the type you’re looking for and the full review, below.

11 Best Shower Head Reviews W/Chart

PictureBrand NameShower Head TypeRatingPrice
Speakman Hotel Anystream Wall Mounted4.7/5.0$30-$35
WaterBella Stainless Steel Ceiling Mounted "Rain"4.7/5.0$30-$35
Speakman Icon Anystream Wall Mounted 4.6/5.0$55-$60
Moen Velocity 8" Two-Function Ceiling Mounted 4.8/5.0$175-$185
Ana Bath 5 Inch Five Function Handheld 4.5/5.0$67-$72
A-FlowTM 5 Function Luxury Handheld4.5/5.0$50-$55
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall Mounted4.4/5.0$30-$33
KOHLER 2.5 GPM Moxie Wall Mounted With Bluetooth Speaker4.3/5.0$90-$95
ALFI 12-Inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Ceiling Mounted "Rain"4.9/5.0$125-$130
Delta In2ition® 4-Setting Two-in-One Handheld4.4/5.0$93-$97
PowerSpa® All-Chrome LED Wall Mounted4.8/5.0$25-$30

Various Different Types of Shower Heads

Believe it or not, there’s over a dozen different types of shower heads. Do you want something a little different and something that will make the shower taking experience 10x better? Take a look below at our brief overviews of the different types.

We’ve chosen the best shower head for each category. However, if you want to see more of a comparison type of overview for any specific type, take a look at the right sidebar and click on one of our ultimate guides.


Wall Mounted

When it comes down to most common ones, wall mounted ones take the win. With these, it can be as simple as unscrewing the old and screwing on the new. If you’re looking to dramatically improve your shower taking experience on a budget, read the shower head review below.

Speakman Hotel Anystream

Speakman Hotel Anystream

Our top pick for the top wall mounted shower head is the Speakman Hotel Anystream . This product comes with various finishes ranging from chrome,  brass and nickel. Higher end hotels such as the Renaissance, Marriott and Holiday-Inn use this one due to it’s ability to adjust for various water patterns and pressure settings. Best of all, it can all be had for less than $35. We highly recommend this shower head as a quick and easy upgrade for virtually any bathroom.

Ceiling Mounted

If you want to take a different route over the conventional wall mounted units, a rainfall styled unit could be the answer for you. Imagine turning on the water and getting a “summer rain shower” sensation the second the water touches your body. Typically these shower heads are much bigger than the regular wall mounted ones, so usually the size of the showering area can determine whether installing one to the ceiling is a good idea.

Koko Brand Ultra Thin

Koko Brand Ultra Thin

Our top pick for ceiling mounted shower heads has to be the Koko Brand Ultra Thin. This product has a square area of 16 inches x 16 inches which can almost engulf your entire body. The entire body is made of solid stainless steel and is equipped with a swivel adapter for easy adjustments.

If deposits ever build up, cleaning it is white simple with it’s clear rubberized nozzles. Remember to keep in mind, this is a fairly large product, make sure your shower is adequately large enough for installation.

Chlorine Filtered

By default, chlorine is added to water to kill any harmful bacteria and make water safe to drink. However, if you are sensitive to the chlorine chemical due to a skin condition such as eczema or anything similar in nature… a chlorine filtered shower head is the shower head you need.

Culligan WCH-C125

Culligan WCH-C125

Out of all the shower heads that filter chlorine, the top one we’ve found by far has to be the Culligan WCH-C125. This unit offers no compromises, offering a near perfect filtration of chlorine of 99%. The 5 spray settings with a massager give you a level of customization so you can get more comfortable with it.

You’ll be showering up to 10,000 gallons of water before it’s time to change the filter (or at least 500 8-10 minute showers).


Ana Bath 5 Function SS5450CBN

Ana Bath 5 Function SS5450CBN

When you want to step it up and make taking a shower a bit more “personalized”, take a look at a nice handheld shower head. This is where self cleaning is taken to a higher level, giving you the ability to reach places you couldn’t reach before with high pressure water. Now a-days you don’t need to pick one over the other when it comes to taking a shower. With our top pick below, you can have a handheld and a fixed shower head all in one.

The top handheld shower head we’ve found currently for sale is the Ana Bath 5 Function SS5450CBN. This is a beautifully created shower head coated in a stainless steel finish.  Both the fixed and the handheld shower heads have five function 5″ inch heads which give you an array of spray patterns. If you want it to be mounted on either the left, right, or bottom there’s a fix for that. You get a 3 way diverter mount, which does just that.

Low Pressure

Want to cut down on the water bill, or simple be a bit more eco friendly.. the low pressure shower head is for you. The water flow typically ranges between 1-2 GPM (gallons per minute) and usually come with a few different adjustment features.

Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM

Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM

Our top pick for a solid all around low pressure (low flow) shower head is the Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM. Right off the bat, you can grab one of these  for under $10 which is an incredible value.

Though not the fanciest products on the market, this particular one has 9 pulse patterns and a low 1.25 gallons per minute flow rate bound to save you money at the end of each month.

High Pressure

The high pressure shower heads typically run at 2 gallons per minute and up. With some heavy duty cleaning in mind, high pressure can easily cut down the shower taking time for up to 50%. Unlike low flow shower heads, ones with high pressure can feel very soothing when on the appropriate setting.

Speakman Icon Anystream

Speakman Icon Anystream

In this category, our top pick for the top shower head (with high pressure) is the Speakman Icon Anystream . The Speakman comes with 6 adjustable settings which give you 6 different spray patterns. Not all homes have high water pressure, and this Speakman shower head can easily maintain it’s high pressure even when your homes water pressure is low.

With over 400 4+ star reviews on Amazon, the Speakman Icon is one of the best shower heads and… is definitely a solid choice for a high pressure shower need.

Bluetooth Speaker Integrate

For those times when you want to jam out while taking a shower, there’s now shower head reviews that go over ones specifically created with built in speakers. Luckily, with todays technology there’s no wires involved when setting up the speaker system shower head. With the top pick below, it’s all bluetooth so your phone can be on the counter top while you listen to music in the shower.

KOHLER 2.5 GPM Moxie

KOHLER 2.5 GPM Moxie

Hands down, we couldn’t find a better wireless speaker shower head than the KOHLER 2.5 GPM Moxie . This speaker is unique because it requires  no wires to set up, it’s just all magnetic. With a full charge, you can easily get over 6 hours of play time. You get a respectable 35 feet of distance between the music player and the speaker, with absolutely no wires.

Double Function

If one doesn’t do it for you, you can always get yourself a duel shower head system. This is where you can independently adjust the heads and increase the water flow and area 2x over. At the cost of using 2x more water, you will enjoy your shower that much more.

Neptune Dual Shower Head

Neptune Dual

We picked the Neptune Dual Shower Head system as the top pick in the duel shower head category. This particular system comes with a 3 way spray system which can switch from “soft” spray, to a hard  high pressure spray. Each shower head like stated above, swivels independently allow you to easily adjust the direction in which each one is pointing. If you think a duel shower head system costs a fortune, you’d be wrong.

The whole dual system can be had for under $70, making it one of the best shower head system setups to get.

Kids Friendly

If you have a child and you’re looking for a funny looking shower head to cheer him or her up, we’ve got one. But most likely, you’re the parent looking for a children friendly product. Whether boy or girl, a shower head that can cheer any child up is a great one in our book. The top picked kids showerheads we have below, will do just that.

Rinse Ace My Own Shower

Rinse Ace My Own Shower

One of the few on the market that parents and children enjoy, is Rinse Ace My Own Shower . This is by far one of the easiest to use shower heads. Offering a goofy looking shark character with a flexible 3 foot cord allowing for easy maneuverability. It’s simple to connect and disconnect, so you can switch back between using your regular shower head and the Rinse Ace.

You can have one of these cute kid friendly units, for under $25.

LED Lighted

Want to add a little light and fun to your shower? Don’t want to spend a ton on money on a fancy shower head? No problem, you can purchase an LED shower head that can literally brighten up the whole shower taking experience.

PowerSpa® All-Chrome LED Overhead SH

PowerSpa® All-Chrome LED Overhead

We picked the PowerSpa® All-Chrome LED Overhead SH as the top LED lit unit you can get. For about $30, you’ll get a fantastic functioning product with 3 different settings for pressures and patterns. On top of that, the bright LED lights will last you up to 100,000 hours which translates to years and years of lighting. Instead of being stuck with one color, the light color changes every 10 seconds to a different color.

This unit comes with a 1 year limited warranty from the factory when purchased from sites like Amazon.


In Conclusion

So we hope you enjoyed reading this full guide on what the best shower head is. Of course, as you could see there are many different types. The few shower head reviews we just provided you with is no match, to the quantity of products that are out there. This should be a rough guide as to what you should go with, picking one that makes your shower a relaxing experience is what you should really strive for.

Click back to ShoweringCenter.com for accessories, shower heads, and more.

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