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Best Shower Head Reviews of 2019 - TOP 13 Picks!

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Do you want to find the BEST shower head?

Since you are here odds are, the answer is YES. Luckily for you, this page is for you my friend!

I know the pain in the rear-end it is to find a shower head that you can say "Wow, that is perfect for my bathroom!".

There's so many that can "appear" as nice and shiny with attractive prices, but the day you receive it and have it 100% installed, disappointment ensues.

​I've set out to put a complete buyer's guide together, just for you.

After spending around 7 hours compiling information from different sources, reading user feedback and trying a few myself, there's a complete list of 13 shower head reviews which go over each one. Also each one has pro's and con's so you have at least a rough idea of what each one is good with and not good with.

Lastly, I did something that most have not done. There's a few labeled based on value, premium pick and best overall. 

So let's get started with the chart of the top 5 from the entire list, followed by a complete list of 13.




Review Score:





#1 pick

5 of 5 Stars




#2 pick

4.7 of 5 Stars


#3 pick

4.6 of 5 Stars


#4 pick

4.2 of 5 Stars


#5 pick

4 of 5 Stars

Shower Head Reviews (2019 UPDATE)

By now you should have already checked out the chart above with my top 5 picks. THOSE are what I'd recommend to anyone who would ask me which of the five I'd pick from the full list.

Do you want more?

I got you covered, below is a complete list of shower head reviews including the ones I mentioned above AND... the remaining EIGHT which didn't make it to the chart but are still worthy attributes.

EACH review you read, check them out on Amazon and see what more others have to say. I can't tell you enough times how many people I've encountered ended up getting something they initially didn't tended to do.

Go ahead, start reading!

#1. Moen S6320 Velocity - The BEST Shower Head of 2019 (editors choice)

#1 most recommended pick

To no surprise for many people, Moen has made some exceptional shower heads. One of the best shower heads has to be the S6320 Velocity. I selected this one as the #1 pick for quite a few reasons actually, but before I get into them... I must make a disclaimer about this one.

This is a shower head that actually takes an INVESTMENT to buy. You'll see it priced at around 150 to 200 dollar on average, but as I dive deeper, you'll begin to see why its forth every penny.

For the premium price tag you are expecting it to be made of something other than plastic, and you'd be correct here. This entire thing (about 95%+) is made of a mixture of brass and other metals.

What impressed me is the lack of MANY different spray settings, and instead just TWO main ones that it's superb at. As you see from the main image, there's a metal handle on the left side which lets you switch between two different settings. You can get either full spray or concentrated light rinse.

There's four colors to choose, ranging from chrome, brushed nickel, brushed gold and oil-rubbed bronze.

Installation is SUPER SIMPLE and adjusting it to your liking would be equally as easy with the stainless steel joint.

As a bottom line for this thing, I'd say this is the best shower head on the market and the investment will be worthwhile for years to come.


  • This thing is made of metal, durability is a top priority!
  • Two basic settings that are done right.
  • Four different colors to choose from.
  • Great flow rate when switch towards the full spray setting.
  • Easy to install.


  • Different color variations vary in price.
  • Price may be steep for some.

#2. Speakman S-2252

S-2252 Icon

Coming in as a close second is the Speakman S-2252 "Signature" shower head. Believe it or not, this one and the one above share a few things in common. Let's talk about them now!

Speakman makes shower heads, that's a given. They actually have many different verities that look very similar to this one yet still manage to make them all different from each other in noticeable ways.

What I liked about the S-2252 very much is first, its made of brass. Brass is TOUGH metal that when you feel it, you know it means durability. Unlike sheetmetal or aluminum, you won't get that cheap feel with this one.

This isn't the efficient one that lets you save water... nope. You get the full 2.5 gallons per minute of water flow and TWO different settings that let you go with either the full spray OR... a fine mist.

When it comes to colors, there's SEVEN to choose from. Not many can give you that many colors to pick from (polished chrome, satin brass, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, polished nickel, matte black) , so in the department this shower head is a clear winner.

Overall, you'll be pleasantly surprised with this shower head. Do look into it!


  • Made entirely of durable brass.
  • Efficient spray settings that also work very well.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reasonable price.
  • 7 colors to choose from.


  • Pressure to some may be high in one of the settings.

#3. AquaDance M3328

We have now come to the #3 most recommended shower head set on this list made by Aqua Dance. If you'd like to take control of your showering, this kit may be perfect for you.

What caught my attention at first glance, was the HUGE amount of reviews ti got with a good overall rating. I mean, we are talking 3,400+ reviews and more than 85% have given it a 5 star review. So this one is working quite well for most people. Due to this reason, I decided to get into it and see what its all about.

Unlike #1 and #2, this thing has two shower heads of different sizes. Obviously one is fixed and the other isn't, for more personalized cleaning.

While both are mostly made of plastic, the good thing is that one is fixed and will hardly ever need to be moved. The other can be held by your hand, so the plastic may be a concern for LONG TERM use... but that's just maybe. Each one i see has multiple spray settings, and thankfully lets you have BOTH streams of water going at the same time.

There's a flexible hose with a length of around 60" inches (or 5 feet). Everything connects in LESS than 5 minutes like most do... that's pretty much it.

Bottom line is this, for 40 dollars you get to not just stand underneath a shower head... but also take it into your own hands and use it anywhere!


  • Offers TWO streams of water and not just one.
  • Comes as a complete kit (even teflon tape is included) with nothing else required.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • SIX different spray settings on each shower head.


  • Some plastic components may not withstand long term use.

#4. Culligan WSH-C125


Have you ever noticed your hair and skin start to become dry after taking a shower... it usually is due to highly chlorinated water. Luckily one of the best shower heads for the money is the Culligan WSH-C125.

This thing is quite remarkable, while keeping things very simple. You see, this one has a built-in filter that helps you to remove chlorine and a few other common additives that are commonly found in public water.

Similar to the #3 found on this list, this too has a LOT of reviews. Matter of fact, it has almost 4,000 reviews with a good overall rating from its users.

I think what sets this thing apart is that it looks like an ordinary shower head, one would never assume there was something inside. The removable filter can easy handle 10,000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. Once you go through one, there are just 15 dollars after that.

When it comes to flow rate, one would think that because of the filtering process this thing goes through, water flow would suffer. However, truth of the matter is that it isn't entirely true.

Around 2.0 gpm is to be expected, and if have not had anything fancy or highly pressurized before... 2 gallons per minute would prove to be PLENTY.

The only gripe I have with this thing is its made 99% of metal, with the exception of the 180 degree ball joint. For 30 dollars, what would you expect?

If you have a chlorine issue, THIS shower head is for you!


  • Internal (replaceable) filter can go through 10,000 gallons.
  • Multiple spray settings and good water flow.
  • Can reduce chlorine levels in your shower.
  • Super simple to install.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Entire shower head housing is plastic.

#5. Aqua Elegante SYNCHKG

Aqua Elegante

To be quite honest, I have no idea how Aqua Elegante isn't more popular than it is right now. When I did my research, there was not one brand that had the amount of 5 out of 5 reviews as this brand has. Each model you look at, 4.7-4.9 stars out of 5.0 with every single shower head they have.

But that's just a reviewer, as a prospecting buyer... that's GREAT news for you!

Making it to my #5 list is the Aqua Elegante SYNCHG081762. Sorry for the long model name, but I had to do it. This company has quite a few different ones, so I figured it would be appropriate to tell you EXACT model name so you know what to look for.

First thing I notice, FOUR different colors to choose from (chrome, silver, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass). While this thing is made of plastic, its ABS plastic (meaning durability).

Mounting it is a no brainer, just make sure to use the teflon tape included. When you are done, there should be 6 different settings which are called: saturated power blast, pulsating massage, gentle rain, water saving and 2 mixed modes.

While water flow can be restricted, there's a plastic restrictor you can remove to quickly increase water output.

There's more than a few dozen nozzles made out of rubber. They are made in a way that mineral build-up is eliminated, making it an excellent addition for outdoor and RV use.

Lastly, the company offers a 5-YEAR WARRANTY which unlike MANY other brands... they actually stand behind their product.

For less than 40 dollars and so many excellent reviews, definitely worth looking into!


  • Great price for the whole package, teflon tape included (bonus).
  • Four colors to choose from that actually look GOOD.
  • RARE level of customer satisfaction.
  • Good quality plastic (ABS is tough).
  • Super easy to install.


  • Pressure can be underwhelming for some.

#6. Speakman S-2005-HB


Look at what we got here, Speakman is on this list yet again. It looks quite the same, doesn't it? While that may be the case, there are some differences with the S-2005-HB. Let's talk about them here.

The first noticeable difference is the price, it's just half the price of the S-2252. If you are wondering what justifies the cost difference since they both look identical... it's the overall build quality. That's NOT to say this thing is built poorly, not at all. You see, this thing is made of plastic while the other one is made of brass. Material makes a big difference in cost!

If you want to know whether this thing being plastic (and most others being the same) affects the opinion of others, just look at user feedback on this shower head. More than 2,000+ reviews giving it a GREAT rating.. that says a lot.

Speakman has patented technology called "Anystream". What this means is you can use the little handle on the side of the shower head and transition between different spray patterns including: Intense, Massage, and Combination.

Not sure why they have to patent this basic function, but it's most likely just to get the word "patent' in their marketing... who knows.

Last thing you should know about this one is the flow rate, I picked the one with 2.5 gpm as the standard rate. You can remove flow restrictor to increase that to a little bit more.

For an affordable alternative to the previously mentioned Speakman shower head, get the S-2005-HB.


  • Valve used to select between spray settings is easy to use and in a great location.
  • Flow rate is pretty good overall.
  • A more affordable version of the S-2252 Speakman shower head.


  • Entire body is made of plastic.

#7. Delta In2ition 58480-PK


Coming in as a NEW brand on this list is Delta Faucet, specifically the 58480-PK combination shower head.

How is this thing a combo you may ask?

Good thing you asked, because from the picture it's hard to tell this entire thing is actually TWO shower heads built into ONE. Before I get any further, I want to make a quick disclaimer about this one in particular.

When I was doing my research, I noticed MANY other guides were including it in their list, but instead of being #7 it was in the #1-#2 spot. This baffled me because of all shower head reviews I've gone through so far, this one has the most flaws so far.

The good things about this kit is the ability to have not just a fixed shower head but also a hand held wand that allows you to reach all places you could possibly want.

For the price I was expecting it to be made of metal, but unfortunately a big portion of it is made of plastic. To be fair, the included hose is made of metal (so that compensates a little bit).

You get 6 unique colors to choose from, but they are all priced differently with chrome being the cheapest. If you need a matching color, at least there's an actual option for that.

Last thing I want to cover is the unique way you mount and unmount the shower wand. Thanks to the designers from Delta Faucet, the wand fits inside the fixed portion and is held there by using magnets.

Taking it out and placing it back in is as easy as it gets!


  • Easy to mount and unmount the shower wand.
  • You get TWO ways of showering instead of one.
  • 6 different colors to choose from.
  • More body coverage.


  • Most of the shower head is made of plastic, not good especially for the price.

#8. Kohler K-10282-AK-CP


Looks like we are taking a "simple" approach for #8 on this list. This is the Kohler K-10282-AK-CP Forte single function wall mounted shower head. Looks like there's not much to it, right?

That's true, but the simple things may be what you're not appreciating here. Let's dive into why I included it on this list and why you should consider this shower head.

Minimalism is the name of the game. Ones you saw so far had either a "clicker" to select your desired spray setting, or a lever which you adjust for different spray settings. Here you get none of that, instead there's just ONE setting which is designed to spray unilaterally across the entire field of coverage.

If you want something that you don't need to adjust, the Kohler K-10282-AK-CP Forte shower head is exactly what you need.

I'd like to close off by saying a few other things about this shower head that I think you'll really like. First one would be the colors which there are five to choose from (brushed chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, brushed bronze and gold).

You'll enjoy this shower head very much if you like what I mentioned above.


  • Minimalistic design will compliment any bathroom.
  • Great water flow and spray pattern.
  • Durable metal build.
  • Affordable price.


  • Low flow from homes with low water pressure.

#9. SparkPod SH-3270


What do we have here, another minimalistic shower head that is priced reasonably?

Yes, we have the SparkPod SH-3270 shower head as our #9 pick. Let's talk about it.

When I saw this one, I was intrigued by the design and its lack of features. The design is basic to say the least, but its lack of features made me wonder what made it so popular with everyone who bought it. Much like the one above in #7, there seems to be just one setting when it's all said and done.

I think people are really loving the high pressure this shower head produces. From the multiple narrow nozzles, you get a more concentrated water output that mimics a focused massage.

Some have described the water flow to mimic a soothing rain shower, typically achieved with an appropriate extension that mounts the entire shower head horizontally.

This thing has a lot going for it, from satisfied customers, reasonable price, easy installation (requiring no tools other than teflon tape), producing a soothing flow of water, and even a second color to choose from which adds matte black.

DO get this unit if you want something you can set and forget, no needing to adjust the spray pattern ever again. 


  • Beautiful minimalistic design.
  • Excellent price.
  • Complimentary second color. 
  • Produces a soothing flow of water, especially when mounted directly downward. 
  • Produces the RIGHT pressure.


  • For homes with low pressure, pressure from this one would lack.

#10. SunRise SRSH-F5043

This is the most expensive item on this list and also the most different. What we have here is the SR SUN RISE SRSH-D1203 12" inch bathroom shower kit. A long name but with an equally long amount of cool features and quirks.

Let's tackle the elephant in the room.... it WILL require more time to install than what we have mentioned thus far on this guide. You get a total of THREE things that can actually be mounted anywhere, to ensure things are looking GOOD.

You'd first mount the top shower head to your desired location. Being a rainfall type, you need to get the height a bit higher than you to ensure others won't have an issue. Other accessories would take a bit of work to install such as the valve is created to look identical to the wand and top shower.

For the cost, everything here is made of stainless steel (almost all important parts that is).

I think this entire kit looks quite elegant, especially in a type of environment where there's tiles and a glass enclosure.

People ARE loving this kit and if you want something premium, this is something you should look at.


  • Made of mostly stainless steel.
  • Unique design is created to add MORE luxury to your bathroom. 
  • Gotta love the overhead shower with its soothing flow.


  • Will take a bit of work to properly install everything yourself. 

#11. DreamSpa M1482


You better not underestimate this shower head, just because it has colorful lights does NOT mean it's meant for kids... not at all!

This is the DreamSpa Model 1482, it has built-in lights which allow it to change between RED, GREEN and BLUE colors. One cool feature inside this shower head is the ability to NEVER needing a battery to replace to keep the lights going.

For around 30 dollars, you get the typical spray settings which are changeable on the front of the head. Installation is super easy and typically not requiring any kind of tools (assuming your old head is already removed).

As your water becomes warmer (or colder), the lights will change from blue (cold), green (mild) and red (hot). This will tell you BEFORE you ever get inside whether the temperature is near where you'd want it.

In closing, this would be a great purchase if you want something making your bathroom POP or your child needs something colorful to stay occupied while you are cleaning them.


  • Three different colors that change with the temperature of the water.
  • Adjustable spray settings as you'd expect.
  • Easy to install, usually requiring no tools.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Due to the mini generator inside, it has been known to start making a screeching noise after a few months of use (lubricating it can resolve this issue).

#12. Waterpik NML-603(S)


We got a strange looking shower head here made by Waterpik. This company is known for making a wide range of bathroom products. What is strange about the NML-603(S) model is its unique flexible neck that I have not seen with any other product. To be honest, it looks like an elephants trunk.

Much like an elephants trunk, its flexible and sprays water!... but trust me, its not an elephants trunk, instead its just a very flexible shower head that lets you move it towards you in many different directions.

From both ends of the neck, this thing measures 18" inches. Whether you are short or tall, it's nice to have something that can accommodate most people.

The little 3.5" head has 6 spray settings to choose from. While not giving you great water coverage... it does work quite well at focusing on certain areas and staying there (not to mention the odd shapes you can bend it into).

In a nutshell, people who are TALL would benefit the most with the NML-603(S).


  • Unique flexible 18" hose is great to bend into any shape.
  • 6 unique spray settings is good to have.
  • An ideal product for those who are tall.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Due to the long 18" neck, homes with below average water pressure may not find the water output adequate with this one.

#13. Sarlai UT304


Finally, you have made it to the #13 on this list. I wanted to make this one a bit different from all the other ones I talked about, at least in terms of styling.

THIS, is the Sarlai UT304 overhead rainfall shower. While it could be compared to minimalistic shower heads, this one is a bit more complex. As you can see with the main image, it is mounted right above you with water coming down. The extension which you see connected to it, is also included. This extension is 11" inches long and can be adjusted in two areas.

As you would imagine, it looks like you are standing underneath a strong thunderstorm from all the water flow you can see. Being an evenly square shower head, it measures 12" inches on each side.

DON'T mount it sideways, as the only way you NEED to mount it is directly facing down.

The entire kit costs less than $40, making it a great bargain in my book (quite impressive when there are NO plastic parts anywhere). There is no adjustability other than what you would do with the extension.

DO get this kit if you like standing underneath the shower and enjoy feeling thousands of rain droplets for 25+ minutes at a time!


  • Comes with an easy to adjust extension.
  • Produces a soothing flow of water, no extra settings required.
  • Mostly stainless steel.
  • Great value.


  • Extension has been reported to not be strong enough to support the shower head (in some case).

Did You Find YOUR Shower Head?

I truly hope you enjoyed reading this entire buyer's guide for picking the BEST shower head in 2019. Each of the shower head reviews was intended to give you a pretty good "overall" understanding of each shower head and why you should/should not buy one.

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