Best High Pressure Shower Heads: Top 5 Reviewed for 2018 

For most people, the best high pressure shower head is the Delta 75152 (below, we explain exactly why)

There is no a single thing that’s causing a low water pressure.

In most cases, you get to blame a community water system which is difficult to repair, and in most cases, you’ll have to get used to it.

Another reason might be a plumbing in your home, especially if you were not paying attention to it when purchasing a house and get stuck with old plumbing.

Finally, your shower head can also be a problem. Most shower heads are difficult to clean and having small holes allows the bacteria and heavy water to remain inside. This will clog your shower head, and leave you with a low water pressure.

In case you were wondering what to do, read our list of benefits of having a high flow shower head. It will give you a glimpse of things that are affecting your overall experience.

When you decide to move on, read our mini buyer’s guide to find the best tips on what you should be looking for in a higher flowing shower head.

Finally, we have top 5 high flow shower heads for a review – in order to help you make a decision without leaving your home.

These are the TOP 5 best high presure shower heads:




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Delta 75152​​​​

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All 5 High Pressure Shower Head REVIEWS

The person who needs a high pressure shower head is one that enjoys soothing showers. If you’re tired of counting every single drop, you should seriously consider buying one.

It’s designed to give you the nice water flow pressure regardless of the standard pressure rate in your apartment or house.

Since low  pressure is a common problem for many households and public institutions, having a high-pressure shower head will help you to:

Keep the water flowing – the basic problem with bathing is that you need a high-pressure to get the relaxing and enjoyable shower. If you’re facing the problems described in the introduction, you’re definitely frustrated with the performance of your current shower.

Buying one that will help you to keep your water flowing regardless of the water pressure inside the pipes. You won’t feel that low pressure anymore because these are designed to enhance the pressure inside the head before they release it back to you.

Relaxing – there are so many benefits of having a relaxing shower early in the morning or before bedtime. Your muscles are filled with tension, and having low-pressure won’t help you relax.

That’s why you should consider buying a high-pressure shower head – it will give you enough water to cover your body without sticking under it, and taking some unpleasant position that will make you suffer even more. 

Save big money on water bills – most are designed with a water-saving regulator. That is a small piece of plastic that helps you to use the shower as long as you like without wasting water.

A water regulator will keep the same water flow rate but give you a better water pressure, which means that you will be saving money on utility bills.

Have a better washing experience – when you’re having a shower, your body will feel more relaxed after it. The pressure of water on your skin will help you to prepare for a tough working day or to cool down after a stressful training at the gym. 

Above all, you’ll be feeling much better after using a high-pressure shower head. After all, they’re designed to give you the ultimate showering experience without jeopardizing the pressure of the water flow.

1. Delta 75152 our Best High Flow Shower Head To Buy!

When you’re dealing with a low water pressure, you want a high flow shower head that will not only increase the pressure but won’t waste too much water either. 

Delta 75152 is designed with an extreme consciousness towards the water economy.

It’s crafted with EPA’s Water Saving criteria, which allows you to be secure that you will use the water rationally.

Nevertheless, showering with Delta 75152 is a great experience, regardless of the water economy option. 

With H2O Kinetic Technology installed, will save you some big bucks on utility bills because it will deliver up to 35% less water than standard showers.

Speaking of numbers, you’ll spend around 2.5 or 1.85 GPM when using this high-pressure shower head. Why is there two rates? Because Delta 75152 offers dual flow settings, which is easily controlled with volume control lever on the showerhead.

Besides being conscious about water saving, you also need a shower head that is easy to maintain. Delta is designed with that picture in mind: how can they offer you modern looks without jeopardizing the convenience of having a clean shower head?

The holes are large for that reason in particular because the larger holes reduce the chance for mold and bacteria growth inside the shower head.

If you’re looking for a way to get the nice water flow and a high water pressure with a minimal investment required, you should look for this high-pressure shower head.

A great overall performance is not affected by the water saving option, which means you can take a long shower without worrying about your utility bills.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Big holes prevent the mold and bacteria growth
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Topwater saving option (only 1.85 GPM)
  • Great showering experience for women with long hair (now you can rinse it completely)
  • A great morning shower for only $20


  • Small spray pattern

2. High Sierra 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Shower Head

For a fancy bathroom accessory, here’s a great piece that will give you more than just looks.

 High Sierra is another high-pressure shower head which offers a great showering experience with a water saving option and a modern design to match.

This shower head is made of solid metal, which is a lasting build material. In other words, you don’t have to worry about replacing it too soon – it won’t get broken as long as you handle it properly.

Besides that, it comes in several different finish options – from chrome to gold. 

Unlike the most other shower head, you will have the opportunity to find exactly the finish you’re looking for, to match it with the rest of your bathroom design.

Large drops pattern is achieved thanks to the big holes and a strong full spray. With patented nozzle delivers, you really don’t have to worry about washing yourself properly – it has a great cover range that will get you enough water to get cleaned in a second.

High Sierra also thought about water economy – with 1.5 GPM flow rate, you will not only save additional water, but it will also require a smaller amount of energy to heat the water.

Overall, it’s a smart choice for apartments, schools, military, hospitals and all the other places with a need for a lasting water saving option.

Not only you’ll get that, but you’ll also have a nicely designed and compact high-pressure shower head which will help you to enjoy the shower without having to count every drop.


  • Easy to install – no additional help required
  • Nice design for a compact look
  • Water saving and energy saving option for smaller expenses
  • Full spray with large drop pattern for a better cleaning


  • Slightly over-priced (there can be found better performing shower heads with a smaller price)

3. Speakman S-2252 Signature Icon Anystream High Flow Shower Head

A high-end piece of equipment which will give you some amazing benefits – that’s the easiest way to describe this Speakman S-2252 High Flow shower head.

It comes with a high price, but it’s worth every penny. Unlike the others, Speakman did a great job in developing an appealing and modern design which enhances the showering experience.

The first feature that supports this statement is a 6 jets spray, that can give 48 different flow patterns.

For those of you who are looking for a really fun under the shower, you will be amazed at its performance.

The jets are big enough, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. You can easily approach to them and wipe them after every shower.

Or you can leave it for another day because these nozzles are self-cleaning. On the other hand, a big jet also means a better water flow – imagine what kind of a water flow you’ll get with 6 of them! 

And if you think it would be difficult to choose the right water pattern, you’re definitely wrong.

Speakman introduced their Anystream technology, which allows you to switch the water pattern in a matter of seconds. Without any effort, you will use a simple rotation of the head to find the pattern that suits you the most.

Consistency is the key to their performance. Even though you’re having trouble with low water pressure, you won’t feel any of it when you start using this high-pressure shower head. This particular showerhead is a standard in many hotels worldwide, which proves that the innovation and build quality put into this model is outstanding.

By purchasing this shower head, you’ll have to invest a larger amount at first, but you will definitely get the best value for the money there is.

It’s easy to use and easy to maintain, and the water patterns are a really great feature for taking your showering experience to the next level.


  • Highly durable product – made of solid metal
  • Easy to handle thanks to any streaming technology
  • 6 big jets for stronger flow and easier cleaning
  • 48 different water patterns for a tremendous showering experience


  • Big investment, but will pay off in the long-term

4. Whedon USP19C Ultra Saver Strong Force

If you’re a modest person and don’t need a fancy shower head to control your water pressure, you might want to check out this cute thing.

It comes from Whedon and it’s a light version of a high-pressure shower head. In other words, you will get your high-pressure without investing too much money on the complete replacement.

This is a convenient solution for those who are struggling to get a decent shower. Without too much fuss, you can easily install this shower head onto every single shower out there. 

Being small isn’t always a downside – this shower head is a great option for really low water pressure. When you’re facing that situation, you might want to look for a narrow shower head (and we explained why in our mini buyer’s guide section of the article).

Long story short, a smaller shower head means stronger water flow, which creates a better showering experience for you. On the other hand, it will give you a gentle spray, regardless of the strong water flow. Plus, it comes with a water saving option and the water flow rate of 1.9 GPM.

In conclusion, if you really want to have a more lasting solution for your low water pressure problem, you should consider investing more money. If not, you can always try Whedon USP19C, because it will give you the great performance and a sense of a higher water pressure for only $12.


  • Easy to install
  • Narrow head for a stronger water flow
  • Made of metal – long lasting
  • Gentle spray for a relaxing shower


  • Doesn’t fit on some shower pipes
  • Might appear too small comparing to larger stalls

5. WantBa Massage Rainfall Pressurized Shower Head

Having wide coverage under the shower is a big deal for anyone who wants to get cleaned in no time.

This WantBa Massage Rainfall Pressurized shower head will get you there – and in some cases, make you go even further.

A big shower head – it’s 6 inches wide – is a first thing that you’ll see, but that’s not all. If you thought that it would be difficult to clean this big head, you were wrong.

WantBa comes with a disassembly capacity, which allows you to take off the nozzles and clean the shower head in no time.

Although it comes in a single water pattern, this shower head will give you a relaxing and soothing experience. A massage effect will gently touch your skin, and the stronger water flow will enhance the massage effect to recover the sore muscles.

Another great thing about this particular unit is that it allows you to rinse the shampoo and conditioner more effectively.

Because the water flow pressure is high, and the nozzles are large, you will get the water flow that is strong and consistent. This will cover the wide range of your head and body, and the water will nicely rinse the shampoo from top to bottom.

Overall, it’s a great choice for a pretty low price. However, it’s not the best option when it comes to the build quality – it’s made of ABS plastic, which can easily break or get damaged.


  • Relaxing massage pattern will help you to get rid of the sore muscles and headaches
  • Can be easily dismantled and cleaned – no bacteria or mold growth inside the shower head
  • Strong water flow and high water pressure
  • Great cover range – get rinse properly


  • Not high-quality build material

What To Look For Before Buying A High Pressure Shower Head?

You think you’re ready to buy a high pressure shower head of your dreams, but not before you read our mini buyer’s guide.

It may seem easy, but picking the right one can be a real nightmare, especially if you’re not sure which qualities and features you should be looking for. 

Thus, we prepared some of the essentials to cover when you’re browsing through Amazon listings of high pressure shower heads.

Read them in order to get the picture on what you can expect from most you’d find on the market and what things you should avoid getting the full value for your money.

A pressurized design – a pressurized design can significantly affect the overall performance of the high-pressure shower head. There are two basic types of pressure design: a pressure chamber and an adjustable setting.

A pressure chamber can be a better solution, especially in cases of an extremely low water pressure (in apartments, for example). Since it keeps the high level of oxygen, the pressure chamber will help in releasing that extra level of a better showering performance.

Wide or narrow – a wide head is a great choice when you’re looking for a cover range, but having a narrow head will help you in cases of a low water pressure.

Narrow ones help to direct the water into a smaller area, which gives it an even higher water pressure. In the case of a wider head, you’ll get a better coverage, but if the water pressure is too low, you might feel it.

The water will be spreading all over the shower head, which will lower things once more.

Water flow rate – it’s an important feature for any high-pressure shower head because you want a great showering experience that won’t cost you a fortune.

You’ll get a water saving option that will allow you to enjoy the high-quality performance without losing too much water during the shower.

However, water flow rate is different in every high-pressure shower head, so make sure you check out this feature before you make a purchase.

You should know that a 2.5 GPM is a standard water flow rate, but there are some shower heads that use only 1.5 GPM to give you an outstanding showering experience.

Built quality – built quality of a high-pressure shower head is an important feature for several reasons.

Firstly, a plastic shower head is not a good solution, because it can be damaged or broken in no time. 

The water flow directed through a plastic shower head is more aggressive to the material and might cause breaks and damage.

The best option is to choose a solid metal shower head. It will last longer and it will hold as much water pressure as it can get. It’s not easily breakable, which gives you a good value for the money invested.

With the higher quality, it will be noticeably more expensive due to the better materials used.

Expect a 50% to 100% mark-up. It will be worth it still, as you will not need to replace it years down the road… heck you may even use it in your new home.

NOTE: You may enjoy other buyer’s guides we have as well, such as the low flow shower heads,  most recommended to get shower panels, best filter shower heads, and best Bluetooth shower heads. Although these are different types, they serve a similar purpose.