Best Shower Enclosure Kits 2018: TOP 6 Stand-Up Stalls for Bathing!

If you’re living in a house with one bathroom conventional bathtub, without a shower enclosure kit installed, you are facing numerous doubts about the way you could increase the space in your bathroom.

Luckily, you heard it’s possible to get an impression (at least) of a bigger bathroom space with one of our high-quality shower enclosures reviewed below.

After you finally decided to renovate, you are now facing a new dilemma – which shower kits is the perfect for your bathroom?

That’s a great question, in this guide below I truly hope I’m able to answer that question for you.  You’ll see multiple shower enclosure reviews.

These are the TOP 5 best shower enclosure kits:




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Benefits of Shower Enclosure Kits

The main benefits of shower enclosure kits are that they’re regularly designed to fit every small or medium sized bathroom (which is almost every other bathroom in the country).

If you want to discover why to choose shower stall kits in the first place, then stay with us.

We compared the top six kits and enclosures rated with 4 stars and more on Amazon and eBay – just to cut you some time and help you decide which one suits your bathroom perfectly!

1. OVE Breeze-36 With-Walls Premium

OVE Breeze Premium 36-Inch Kit is designed to fit both small and medium-sized bathrooms. It comes as a three piece unit which is easy to operate and install.

It’s acrylic base and clear glass sliding door matches with almost every bathroom design. The walls are also covered with pearl white acrylic, which gives the whole kit nice and clean looks.

The kit comes with build shelves for body washes and full slide door.

Another great thing about this shower kit is a reversible shower door that can be adjusted to both left-hand and right-hand side. The door is made of 6mm thick clear tempered glass, which gives a modern design to the whole kit. 

There is an additional layer of intimacy glass, that gives you more comfort during the shower.

The round base of this kit gives an impression of a much bigger space. This is an important issue for people who have a small bathroom in which they feel claustrophobic.

With this OVE Breeze Premium 36-Inch Shower Kit, you won’t get that feeling and it will only take 36 inches to give you a sense of spatiality you’re looking for.

This is a perfect fit for you if you’re not operating on a tight budget and at the same time looking something that covers all premium and high-quality features at a reasonable price.

You can consider this to be one of the small shower stalls you can have, generally good for 1 person at a time.


  • Easy to operatePremium intimacy sliding door
  • Reversible shower door
  • Curved base – the feeling of a bigger space
  • Acrylic finish for base and walls
  • Reasonable price


  • No spare screws
  • Screws made of soft stainless steel
  • Screw heads stripped out

2. DreamLine Solo Frameless

In this DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure, you will find an outstanding design that will exceed all your expectations.

The kit entails a round base with multi-layered design, frameless frosted tempered glass design, and chrome hardware finish.

This is one of those space saving shower kits that utilize the space of your bathroom in the best possible way. The sliding door gives you an easy access to the shower, without taking large space to be opened.

The multi-layered design of shower base covers a slip resistant high gloss acrylic on the surface supported by fiberglass reinforcement beneath. 

The final layer is a structural support foundation that gives stability and prevents the shower base to flip on one side.

The shower kit also includes two glass corner shelves. The shower walls have a tile pattern design, which can be easily installed with a trim-to-size fit but must be trimmed during the installation.

This kit doesn’t include drain and must be installed over existing solid surface not directly against the studs.

The great news is that the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty for shower back walls, a five-year warranty for a shower enclosure and a lifetime warranty for the shower base.Another great feature is the price.

If you’re looking something that will meet your high standards, but you don’t want to spend too much money, this shower kit is a great match for you.


  • Sleek modern look
  • One of the more sleek looking corner shower stalls
  • Fiberglass reinforcement
  • Scratch/Stain/slip resistant
  • Doesn’t require large space for door to open
  • Frameless design
  • Fair price for high-quality kit


  • Drain not included
  • Must be installed over existing solid surface
  • Unclear instruction guidelines

3. DreamLine Infinity-Z

Another DreamLine shower kit that suits anyone who wants to take a few years off their shower kit. By replacing your old kit with this one, you will get a brand new and fresh look for a shower back walls kit.

The true transformation is happening when you pair shower door with a QWALL back walls. You will be amazed how that change will affect the overall design of your home.

The versatile back shower wall panels are made of Acrylic/ABS material that provides a durability without taking too much out of the design. The modern tile patterns on the walls bring a dash of style in your new shower kit. 

Besides its looks, the tile pattern is very easy to clean, leaving no grout on the panels. DreamLine QWALL-5 includes two glass corner shelves. The shower kit should be installed over existing solid surface not against the studs.

Despite the fact that this shower kit takes a small investment, it doesn’t seem like a long-term solution. If you can afford something slightly over your budget and with the better quality, we highly recommend doing so.


  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Great for large bathrooms
  • Reversible door opening
  • Two-in-one door handle/towel bar


  • Too big
  • Right drain side
  • Professional installation required
  • Expensive (not recommended for tight budget)

4. DreamLine SHBW-1462743-01

Unlike Delta Faucet 5846 In2ition, AquaDance 3312 Handshower is here to give you a budget-friendly solution for your bathroom.

Sure, this isn't a combo product, but a compact, low water pressure shower head that's great for the price of $20.

Another great feature is that it can be used as a handheld hand shower or simply as an overhead one.

This is realized by a hinge that holds the shower head at the wall and allows for one-dimensional rotation.

Since we reviewed a couple of Chrome-based handheld shower heads, you'll be surprised to see the stainless steel in this one. I mean, both of these are great and the only difference is that Chrome tends to be a little shiny.

Speaking of stainless steel, you'll also get a stainless-steel hose, so it's unlikely that you'll change it anytime soon. It's durable, sturdy, and feels great. Overall, this is one of the best handheld shower heads for low water pressure.


  • Easy to clean
  • Fresh looks with small investment
  • Acrylic finish
  • Modern looks


  • Designed to be installed over existing solid surface
  • Price doesn’t meet the quality

#5 ​DreamLine SlimLine

DreamLine SlimLine Shower Stall consists of a double threshold base and a QWALL-4 back wall kit. The manufacturer took a step further with this kit, creating a product that brings forward safety over style.

The greatest feature of this shower back wall kit is a base. Designed to be safe, acrylic/ABS finish of the base provides a slip-resistant texture for safe showering.

The acrylic finish also prevents scratches and stains on panels and floor, a very important aspect in stand up showers.

The base is further reinforced with an additional layer of fiberglass, which gives a multi-layered structure that is still easy to maintain and install. On the sides of the shower, the base is integrated tile flanges for a special waterproofing qualities.

As in some other shower kits, this one doesn’t come with a drain. Furthermore, it comes with an additional downside – plumbing codes that vary by state. Since the manufacturer is not responsible for code compliance, you should check the plumbing code for your state prior to buying.

Attractive tile pattern is not only decorative but also very easy to clean. The kit includes two glass corner shelves for soap and body wash.

However, if you’re considering this shower kit as a long-term solution, you may end up disappointed because of the price. It is always better to put a little more money in order to get a shower kit that will be a smart paid investment than to spend money on something that will work for a limited period of time.


  • Easy to install
  • A great small corner shower stall for small bathrooms
  • Multi-layered design of shower base
  • Fiberglass reinforcement for durability
  • Stain/scratch resilient
  • Slip-resistant textured


  • Drain not included
  • Plumbing codes varying by state
  • Price doesn’t reflect the quality

EXTRA: 6. DreamLine DL-6195C-01

This shower kit is almost a universal kit. Because of its design and simplicity, it will blend in perfectly with almost every bathroom design. It’s a 4 piece shower kit, designed to be fit in between two walls (as shown in image).

The shower base of this DreamLine DL-6195C-01 shower kit is additionally supported with another fiberglass layer. A single threshold base is designed to meet the safety needs: the acrylic finish provides a slip-resilient texture and minimizes the scratches and stains on the surface.

The base also contains integrated tile flanges for easier installation and a special waterproof quality.

This shower enclosure kit, however, may seem expensive if you consider the fact that it only contains back wall and shower base. If you have the opportunity to step over your budget, you should look for a complete kit. Luckily, you can find several within the reasonable price range.


  • Easy to install
  • Scratch/Stain resilient
  • Slip-resilient texture
  • Fits in almost every design


  • Too expensive for back wall and shower base kit
  • Drain not included

Why Choosing a Shower Enclosure Kit?

A shower enclosure kits is a great deal for someone who wants to have a bathroom, put together in pieces that require minimum time and effort to install and maintain.

In most cases, they come packed in three separate boxes (depending on the manufacturer and model) which contain all the parts you need to install it by yourself.

It’s recommendable for anyone who is a DIY addict and likes to take care of a household by themselves (plus, doesn’t want to spend some big money on the plumber, especially if it’s not necessary).

Check out our list of benefits of shower wall kits that are worth considering before buying.A money saver – in comparison to the standard tiled showers, shower stall, and enclosure kits can save you hundreds of dollars.

Just think about it – you don’t have to buy anything separately, plus you don’t have to hire a plumber (in most cases) to install your shower stall!

Modern design – most enclosure kits come with a modern and appealing design. You can choose between Framed or frameless shower enclosures with clear or frosted glass and in some cases, you even get to choose a finish for your shower kit.

Paired u to a really good rainfall shower head, your experience will be fantastic.

Easy to install – as mentioned, most shower stall and enclosure kits are designed for DIY guys. In most cases, you won’t be needing to hire a plumber to install your shower kit simply because you can do it by yourself for much less time and at no spare costs, either.

The other important thing to consider is that you’re not building your bathroom from scratch with a shower stall kits. That also means that the whole process of assembly is neat and clean.

Great value for the money – it may seem that shower kits and enclosures aren’t really a money saver. After all, their price is $1000 minimum and that’s a big chunk to pay in one take.

However, if you do some research you will find out that having a standard tiled shower or even a bathtub can cost you almost twice as much. Plus, you need to hire a plumber to assemble all the bathroom installments, which will add some big cash to the sum.

Convenient – a huge problem for people who have a small bathroom is the issue of space. You want to have a nice and modern looking bathroom, but you don’t want to feel claustrophobic.

That’s exactly what you will get from shower stall kits and enclosures – a spacious stall with a differently shaped base to fit your small bathroom without creating a sense of claustrophobia. 

All shower kits and enclosures fit almost perfectly to small bathrooms because they are designed to take as minimum space as required and to utilize the space in a best possible way.

Easy to maintain – unlike the traditional tiled shower, shower stalls and enclosures are pretty easy to maintain and clean. If you choose the stall with frosted glass, you won’t have to worry about stains or scratches, because most of them are stain and scratch resistant.

The other thing is that there are no unapproachable angles and hidden spots, and you won’t have to worry about mold on your shower stall because you will be able to clean it in almost one take.

NOTE: Keep in mind that, depending on the kit you buy you may need to get a long enough extension/arm. We made a guide on the best shower arms and extensions to buy, be sure to give it a quick read.

Shower Stall Kits and Shower Enclosure Kits Buyers Guide

Now comes the fun part – how to choose shower stall and enclosure kits for your bathroom?

Which features you should be looking after in a shower kit and do you have to pick the cheapest one?

Find out the answers in our exclusive buyers guide to shower stall kits and enclosures!

Build quality – the first thing you should look for when buying an enclosure kit is the quality of the materials and the overall construction.

Most shower stall and enclosure kits are made of fiberglass or tempered glass, which is a great material choice. Fiberglass that is gel-coated is usually more durable and more resilient than one that is not.

That’s why it’s also used as an additional supporting layer in shower bases. In addition to that, the gel-coated fiberglass is easier to repair, especially from scratches. It is also a very easy to maintain and takes zero effort.

Tempered glass, however, is used as an alternative to fiberglass or acrylic. It is a strong and durable material thanks to the chemical treatment.

Another great feature of tempered glass is a variety of designs, which gives you the freedom to choose the perfect one for your bathroom (without sacrificing the material quality or overall safety of the shower kit).

Acrylic is both strong and flexible material, which is also very easy to maintain. A downside of this material is that it’s slightly difficult to repair. In relation to that, fiberglass shower enclosures appear to be a much better choice. However, acrylic usually provides a scratch/stain resistance and resilient texture.

The material used in handles and frames is a stainless steel, with a chrome or a brushed nickel finish. Although both materials have their benefits, the chrome is a more versatile and less expensive finish.

However, the brushed nickel will give your bathroom more sophisticated looks with a strong durability. The most expensive option is a polished nickel.

Design – the reason why most people are buying a shower stall or enclosure kits instead of bath tubs is for its design. There are a lot of factors that determine the design of a shower stall or enclosure. One of the first things to notice is the shape of the base.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you get to choose between the round shaped base or square shaped base. A round shaped base will take much less space in your bathroom and can look more appealing (because of the lack of rough edges and cuts).

On the other hand, a square shaped base is a classic look that will perfectly fit a traditionally designed bathroom.

The modernity of the design is also reflected in the texture of the building materials. For an up-to-date, modern look you should go with materials like acrylic (especially if you have the option to choose a colored one) or tempered glass.

A great feature to add to it is a frosted glass on shower enclosure kits, that will give a smooth and mysterious look.

On the flip side, you can never go wrong with classically designed fiberglass shower stalls, which will give your shower stall everlasting looks. For those of you how really like to try something new, we would recommend granite for its unusual texture and design.

Another great touch to the overall design of a shower kit is chrome finish, which will provide a sleek and sophisticated touch on handles, frames, and side elements.

NOTE: If you’d like to read more of our shower head reviews and comparisons on a “plethora” of showering things, click on the home page button (located at the top).

Easy installation – the greatest feature of shower kits is that they are much easier to install than the regular tiled shower.

If this is your first time renovating a bathroom, you might want to look for a super simple, quick and easy solution, which includes clear instruction guidelines and an easy installation process.

However, if it’s not your first time renovating, but you don’t want to spend day remodeling your bathroom, shower and enclosure kits are a perfect solution for you, too. 

Usually, they come with straightforward instructions and doesn’t require professional help. All the part are combined almost effortlessly. With a great toolkit, you can assemble your own shower kit in no time.

One or multi-piece unit – depending on the manufacturer, a shower kit can be a one-piece unit or a multi-piece unit. The flip-side of a one-piece unit is that it’s not so flexible.

It usually can’t get through the door, especially in older homes. On the other hand, multi-piece units, which contains 3-4 separate units, are easier to manage and to assembly. That’s why the majority of homeowners decides to go with them instead of one piece unit.

NOTE: In addition to installing a shower kit, you should choose between a high pressure shower head that gives you an amazing, soothing experience OR, go with a low pressure shower head that aims for water savings for the most part.