9 Best LED Shower Heads for 2018:
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best led shower heads

Many of you will agree when we say that bathroom is the most important part of your house.

Sure, you're probably spending a majority of time in your living room but the bathroom is really the heart of your house.

Just a couple of days ago, we talked about shower panels that you can mount on your wall and give your bathroom a nice, elegant touch. 

The great news is that you can save some cash by buying yourself a beautiful LED light shower head, and get the SAME effect.

Isn't it cool when you can see the color changing on your shower head?

It feels and looks so good! In today's article, we are going to take a look at some of the best LED shower heads that offer you a set of amazing features.


If you want a temperature control or perhaps a shiny LED light that can pierce through the fog formed by a burning-hot water, you'll get all of it with these cutting-edge shower heads.

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9 In-Depth Reviews Of The Most Popular LED Shower Heads

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So, what is it that you want from your LED light shower head?

I mean, you want some quality LED light, that's for sure!

The best thing here is that you can experience luxury in your own bathroom. Did you know that most of the LED shower heads operate without batteries? 

I'm not kidding; you'll need NO batteries in order to get these things to work. On top of that, you'll need no more than three minutes to install it, which is great for busy people.

I know, I know, you're tired of LED shower head reviews all around the internet, so we made sure that you don't turn your head on us that easily. In our chart, we've mentioned nine different product that should ring the bell for the most buyers.

The first one is the most recommended one, while the last product on our list is the least recommended.

Are you ready to take your shower time to the next level?

Let's not waste time and get to the point immediately!

#1 DreamSpa Model:1482  - Best LED Shower Head for 2018

If you're wondering what is the best LED shower head, it's no other than DreamSpa Model: 1482. This shower head is here to show you that you can always combine beautiful and useful.

Made completely of chrome, its shiny color will give you the feeling of happiness just when you look at it. At its price of $34.87, this product looks way more expensive. Of course, we are greeted by the fantastic LED light and you can change colors, too! 

This is especially fun when you are taking a shower with your kids or wash your pets.

Feature-wise, we can pretty much say that this the most advanced shower head at the moment. It comes with a total of 5 different settings that include pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain, water-saving pulse, and power rain.

 Your shower will become a breeze and enjoyment until you run out of hot water! But, thanks to its water-saving pulse, you'll still get a decent life out of your boiler.

For those who are newbies, DreamSpa granted us a tool-free installation, so you'll get it running in just a couple of minutes. All in all, this is an outstanding quality for the price.


  • A premium design that looks nice and has an amazing built quality.
  • DreamSpa Model: 1482 comes with 5 settings that many of users will find satisfying.
  • The LED light is awesome! It looks stunningly bright and you don't need batteries to power it up.
  • It's also very affordable. For a price of $34.87, you can't get a better deal than this.


  • It's not a handheld shower head.
  • Due to its motion limitations, it's best suited for fixed showers.

#2 Luminex by PowerSpa Color Changing Shower Head

We have DreamSpa and PowerSpa, which can get quite confusing. One is simple, though. Both of these manufacturers know their business.

 Luminex comes from PowerSpa and it's a great color-changing shower head for your bathroom. When it comes to the design itself, Luminex looks dope!

Its combination of both fixed and handheld shower heads is something that makes me smile. 

To make things better, PowerSpa included LED lights for both of these, making it an interesting buy.

If you like a sheer power of water pressure, you'll be happy with its Hydro Supercharged Turbine that gives you that nice punch when you crank your water.

Thanks to this technology and to the high pressure, your Luminex is unlikely to clog that easily. The showe rheads come at 4" of diameter and 4 settings for water flow. It's clear that PowerSpa loves number four and it's also pretty clear that Luminex is their magnum opus.

Would you believe me that this product costs $39.98? Me neither!


  • The combination of a fixed and handheld shower head is always great to see. This feature distinguishes Luminex from the other products.
  • Both of the shower heads are LED-backlit.
  • With Hydro Supercharged Turbine technology, you'll feel the power of water pressure and stop clogging once and for all!
  • Luminex comes with 4 shower settings. These are more than enough for keeping you satisfied.


  • It's made of plastic, which is a shame, considering its price. The stainless steel would be a great option to consider here.

#3 Pission PSH-A3 Color Changing Shower Head

Are you looking for a sub-$20 color-changing shower head?

Well, Pission made sure that you can save your cash if you buy PSH-A3. PSH-A3 is a shower head that looks quite simple. The handle is relatively long and the shower head itself is narrow on the upper side and wide on the lower side.

From this wide shower head, you'll see one of the most beautiful water jets ever! 

As soon as the water starts flowing, the LED light will illuminate your bathroom, breathing some new colors into your shower routine.

Since we have 3 settings here, we can't say it's the most generous product on the list. However, we do have 7 different colors, making it great for your kids. Since we mentioned the handle, it's important to tell that this is a handheld shower head.

Unfortunately, this one doesn't come with an additional, fixed shower head which is okay, given the price. If you ask me, you can't go wrong with Pission PSH-A3 and its funny price of 20 bucks.


  • Pission PSH-A3 has an amazing build quality, especially for its cheap price.
  • The LED illumination in this product is simply amazing! You get a total of 7 different colors which change according to your water temperature.
  • When it comes to the installation, PSH-A3 offers a tool-free assembly, making it great for every bathroom.
  • Finally, it's ULTRA cheap. You can't get a better deal at this price range.


  • The design works well, but it's fairly simplistic and uninspired.
  • With a total of 3 settings, PSH-A3 isn't exactly the most generous showerhead.
  • It doesn't come with a hose. You have to buy it separately.

#4 Elenker 7 Color LED Shower Head

Elenker 7 Color LED Showerhead is a pretty interesting product. When you throw your first glance at it, you'll see that it's pretty big.

In fact, its size is quite overwhelming. This is because we are talking about a Rainfall shower head that isn't a handheld one, which is a pity.

I mean, you surely wouldn't like to hold this one in your hand! Besides these facts, we have a standard set of features with some exclusions. 

For example, the LED light is here and we have only Green, Red, and Blue color.

It's such a shame we can't get more variety here but it's also great that the light is really strong. You can just enter a pitch-black bathroom and get your illumination from Elenker's shower head. That's insane if you ask me!

Speaking of a darker side, it's important to mention that LED color changes aren't subject to the temperature of the water. If you turn on a blazing-hot water, don't expect it to change its color to red. It can do that, but not always and not necessarily.


  • With its huge size, Elenker shower head will give you a Rainfall shower that you've always craved for.
  • When it comes to LED strength, this showerhead has an amazing potential. It can easily give you enough light to make your shower vivid.
  • The build quality is top-notch.
  • Its assembly is everything but complicated. You'll need no more than five minutes to mount it.


  • It's not a handheld shower head, which makes it non-suitable for some users.
  • Elenker comes with three color variants. More variety would be welcome.
  • LED color isn't connected to your water temperature. That's a pretty strange exclusion and would definitely be a welcome addition.

#5 Fywonder-US LED Hand Shower Head

Fywonder-US LED Hand Shower Head comes at a ridiculous price of $12.99. Given the price, you wouldn't think it's a low-quality product that's prone to break.

Before you think about that, let me tell you that this is one awesome LED light showerhead.

Fywonder-US is made of carbon that gives it a lightweight feeling and thickened abs materials for added sturdiness. 

This shower head is indeed durable and sturdy, just the way I like it.

Moving on to features, we have a LED light that can pride itself on having 7 amazing variants. The shower head itself is made in the way that we have a lot of dense holes that make the water jet eye-pleasing and strong.

This is also a great feature if you want to save some water and forget about mind-bogglingly expensive water bills with Fywonder-US.

Finally, we have a built-in filtration that will make your water clear and bacteria-free.


  • Fywonder-US looks stunningly. Its design is one of the best, especially at its funny price.
  • Aside from great visuals, it's made of carbon and thickened abs materials. They will give you enough sturdiness and durability to work with.
  • At this price, it's pretty awesome to have 7 different LED colors.
  • The product comes with tiny dense holes, designed to save your water and save some cash on your water bill.
  • Fywonder-US can be completely disassembled in order to get it clean.
  • It's affordable and you can get it for $12.99. It's a steal deal.


  • The hose isn't included.
  • A shower head itself is pretty small.

#6 DreamSpa Model:1481 Color/Temp Changing Shower Head

DreamSpa has proved to be a worthy manufacturer in a world of fantastic shower heads. On the first spot, we had Model: 1482 and here, we have an amazing Model: 1481.

The interesting thing is that they look quite... well, similar. The material is again, chrome, and the build quality is second to none.

Once again, we have a total of five shower settings that will please most of the buyers. 

You can enjoy a pleasant breeze with an economy rain mode or simply blast it all the way; it's your choice!

Another great thing here is that the LED lights change according to the water temperature. No more abrupt and pointless changes that can be really annoying.

Here, you'll get a color that perfectly fits the water temperature and you'll like that steamy red color coming from your shower head. When it comes to the functionality, we aren't limited by any means and dimensions.

This is a fully-handheld shower head that you can connect to your hose and start your adventure. Although we have a tool-free assembly, I'm still exasperated by the lack of hose.


  • Made of chrome, DreamSpa Model: 1481 provides enough sturdiness and build quality for its price.
  • With a total of 5 different shower settings, this handheld showerhead is here to give you a shower of your life.
  • Although it's a handheld showerhead, it can be mounted and used as an overhead one. This versatility perfectly justifies its price of $33.98.
  • LED color automatically changes according to the water temperature.
  • A tools-free installation grants simplicity and quick assembly.


  • The design itself is uninspired. It's reminiscent of DreamSpa Model:1482 so it's easy to confuse one with another.
  • For this price, it's a shame that a hose isn't included.

#7 Modona 7-Color LED Shower Head

Modona 7-Color LED Shower head is here to get some light into your boring bathroom. No offense, but LED light shower heads are a welcome addition to every bathroom.

Now, Madona comes with some cool features and unfortunately, with some odd limitations. For example, we have a SINGLE mode here.

You can't use any type of settings aside from the ordinary spray which you can get with any normal shower head. 

This is a pity since Modona costs around twenty bucks.

For twenty bucks, I'm happy that the LED light itself gives enough brightness. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can pretty much enlighten the whole space!

Speaking of light, the shower head changes color once in 5 seconds, making it a less eye-straining option.

 With its 7 colors, it's unlikely that you'll ever get bored with this shower head. Oh... I almost forgot to mention the angle-adjustable shower head. That's a pretty neat feature.


  • Modona 7-Color LED Shower head is made of ABS and Brass, making it a durable and sturdy companion for your bathroom.
  • As its name says, we have 7 colors of LED light. This is enough to make your shower experience more colorful and cheerful than ever.
  • The LED colors change every 5 seconds. It's a nice addition that will make Modona more interesting.
  • You don't need any special tools for installation.


  • It's not a handheld shower head.
  • Modona can utilize only one shower setting.
  • For a price of twenty bucks, we expected a bit more from this showerhead.

#8 Fyeer 16” LED Rainfall Shower Head

If size does matter to you, you need to introduce yourself to a huge Fyeer 16" LED Rainfall Shower head.

With its 16-inch shower head, you'll be able to close your eyes and imagine a vast, rainy street in the late September.

It's really one of the best rainfall styled shower heads on the market. 

Aside from its sheer waterpower, it also packs a build quality worth bragging about. 

We are talking about stainless steel with a touch of brushed nickel over the top. It looks like your first love on your Prom night!

When it comes to the LED light, it's important to notice how great it is. And yes, it DOES change according to your water temperature. When you turn your water on, you'll notice that Fyeer looks like a quality chandelier and will surely leave your guests speechless every time they visit your bathroom.

But, there are two main downsides to this product. The first is its robustness and heaviness, which makes it harder to mount.

The second is the price of $104.90. It's the most expensive shower head on our list.


  • A huge 16-inch Rainfall Shower head looks stunningly great.
  • The LED light provides a strong and quality illumination for your bathroom.
  • Made of stainless steel with nickel brush finish, this showerhead looks premium.


  • It's very expensive.
  • Doesn't support tool-free assembly. You'll need some time to mount it since it's heavy and robust.

#9 MagicShowerhead SH1026

The last product on our list is MagicShowerhead SH1026, a shower head for the real magicians.

Of course, this is a joke, but it's not a joke when we say that this is a great and cheap bathroom product.

It's quite impressive to see ABS Chrome in a 10$ shower head. With this cheap price, we have several amazing features. For example, there are seven different colors that emit a quality LED light. 

Another great thing to mention is the modest water consumption which doesn't exceed 2.5 Gallon/min at 80 psi.

It's not the most powerful shower head for the price, but saying it's bad would be a complete lie.


  • MagicShowerhead SH1026 is a cheap and accessible shower head.
  • For a $10 price, it's quite surprising to see seven different LED colors.
  • Water consumption is pretty low.
  • The build quality is solid.


  • The water pressure is on the lower side of the spectrum.
  • Some users reported its short-lasting lifespan.
conclusion of this buyer's guide

What Are The Key Aspects of LED Lit Shower Heads?

Build Quality and Design

The design and build quality go with one another. These two are the primary aspects and every LED-lit shower head should be able to pride itself on them. When it comes to the build quality, stainless steel is always a great option.

Coupled with a brushed nickel, your LED shower head will have the beautiful shine. It's also important to mention that stainless steel is the best material for almost every shower head. It gives the sturdiness and durability that's much needed for a shower head.

LED Light Variety

Since we are talking about LED shower heads, LED lights matter. If you want a more sophisticated solution and pay a little more, you can find LED shower heads with lots of colors. For example, seven of them is common, but there are those that offer almost the double amount.

 Either way, don't limit yourself to only one color; that looks and feels cheap. Instead, pay a couple of bucks more and get the best LED shower head for your money.

The Intensity of LED Light

The intensity of LED light is of high importance. You want your LED light to really distinguish itself, even when you turn your bathroom light on. The best case scenario would be if your LED light could illuminate a majority of your bathroom. This way, you'll reduce your electricity bill and still enjoy a highly enjoyable bath time.

Shower Settings

Many shower heads today offer several shower settings that you can utilize. If you pay a little more, you can expect five of them and they usually include some kind of Rain and Massage settings.

When you shop for your LED shower head, be sure to read some reviews in order to find out more about water pressure. This will have a huge impact on your user experience.