10 Best Low Flow Shower Heads of 2018: Low Pressure for Higher Efficiency

Nowadays, a low flow shower head can fix this problem.. but still, there’s nothing more frustrating than jumping in the shower only for the water to have no pressure and dribble out to give you less than the refreshing experience you were expecting.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem for a lot of households due to low water pressure.

If you suffer from low water pressure then this is the reason that the water does not flow out of your shower head at the best rate or pressure. The cause of a low flow resulting from poor water pressure is usually more than one different plumbing fixture in your house being used at the same time.

This can be anything from the outside water tap to the kitchen sink being used at the same time as the shower.

The other most common cause of poor pressure is the demand for water in your local area being high at certain times of the day. This results in less water coming into your house to be used by your shower and pumped around your system.

\There can also be issues with low water pressure and flow if your water mains pipes are too small or inadequate pumping facilities getting the water into your house at the best pressure rate.

Below, we help you pick the proper low flow shower head that will output a reasonable flow that makes it enjoyable, and economical.

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Low Pressure Shower Heads To Look Into:

But what can you do to solve this problem and get back to having a decent shower? By far the best answer is to invest in a low pressure shower head.

These shower heads are specifically designed to help increase the flow and pressure of the water coming out of the shower head to fix the issue.

Commonly they will inject air into the water as it comes out of the shower which causes turbulence and increased velocity inflow to you. 

As well as being the easiest way to rectify the problem, it is also the cheapest compared to having to rip out all your existing pipework/system and replace it.

If you are considering buying a low flow shower head then there are two main types, stationary and handheld shower head. 

As the name suggests the stationary type fit directly onto the shower wall as a normal shower head would. The hand-held type is attached to the main shower unit via a flexible hose but the actual head can be mounted if you wanted hand free showering.

The type to buy is a personal choice based on your own requirements. As a rule, the hand-held type is more expensive to buy but do save more money on your energy bill. The other thing to think about is what are the features to look out for in the best low flow shower head. 

By far the biggest area for most people is the ability to adjust the spray settings depending on the type of shower you want. These can be set such as massage, narrow flow, wide flow or pulse and having different types is certainly something to look out for.

It’s also worth looking for one with the adjustment ring or lever to change flow settings being on the outside of the shower head. This makes it easier to quickly change the flow setting as you don’t have to reach into the middle of the head to do it.

You may also want to look for one with a water cut-off feature on it – this will let you shut off the water to a trickle when washing pets for example and save you money.

As always with buying any product, you want to look for a shower head that offers value for money but with an attractive, high-quality design. This will ensure it gives you many years of superb showers without breaking the bank!

It’s also worthwhile buying one that Is easy to fit so you can get it installed quickly and simply.

Here’s our run-down of the ten best you can get for your money currently:

Low Flow Shower Head Reviewed (Top 10)

1. Take a Shower LLC Spa Plaza

This really is the best low flow shower head. There are so many positive user reviews from 2016 and 2018 that it had to come top of the list.

The best and most important reason for our purposes is that it is incredible at increasing the pressure and flow to make shower times amazing. The velocity it sends the water out at is brilliant and just what is needed.

It comes with a solid brass ball joint that connects to the existing shower arm, making the head easily adjustable to the optimum angle. There are also various spray and massage settings included to provide a truly invigorating shower experience. 

Installation is simple too as you simply screw it to the shower unit and then you’re all set.

The main drawback is the price as, at $39.99, it is not the cheapest shower head to buy. In terms of solving the issue at hand though it has no equal so is worth the extra money, even if it does put pressure on your budget.

2. Speakman S-2252

When you look at what shower heads there are to buy in 2018, this could be considered as the best low pressure shower head. It’s just pipped to number one spot in our rundown but narrowly.

The construction and design of the Speakman head are superb and it looks great too, being made out of solid brass. Containing a patented Anystream360 technology, it is equipped with 6 adjustable jets that produce 48 individual high-pressure sprays.

Now that’s what you call a shower!It has an impressive 2.5gpm pressure flow and comes with a limited lifetime warranty should you have any problems at all. 

This shower head is easy to clean and does exactly what we need in giving a powerful stream even under low water pressure.

Some user reviews have noted that the spray can be a bit narrow if the shower head is not mounted high enough which could be a problem for some people. The main sticking point could be the price, however – at just under $70, it is one of the most expensive we looked at.

3. ​Colomore Rainfall Shower Head

Who doesn’t love having a rainfall shower head? The way the water cascades down is awesome and there’s no reason you can’t have one even if the pressure in your home is low.

The Colomore Rainfall Shower Head will answer your prayers with its stylish stainless steel look and powerful, high pressure water spray. Colomore is so confident in their product, they give a no quibble lifetime money back guarantee with it.

The stainless steel design chrome plating ensure that the quality of the product is fantastic though so you probably won’t need to use it. No need to worry about rusting or any unwanted surprises like that!

No tools or plumbing skills as required to fix the head in place and the self-cleaning, high-pressure rubber nozzles make looking after it simple. The price is $21.99 which is in the middle of the market compared to others but with its sleek design and strong water flow, this is acceptable.

There are no real drawbacks to mention with this product other than if the rainfall effect isn’t for you then you won’t enjoy it. But if it is your thing then you will love using this and forget about low water pressure problems forever. It really is like having a high pressure, spa-type shower but in the comfort of your own home.

4. Kasuny Low Pressure Hand-Held

The Kasuny Hand Held shower head device is very well designed and offers a touch of class to your bathroom in appearance.

Specifically designed to solve issues around low water pressure, it has a flexible long hose to give you best control over your water flow and pressure. The construction of this product is very good as it’s made from stainless steel to ensure longevity and no rust problems.

There are 3 pressure spray settings to choose from so you won’t get bored and the shower bracket is angle adjustable to make it easy to get it how you like. 

While not the cheapest at $37.99, it is mid-range in terms of price so still a good option if you are on a budget.

The lack of more settings may be an issue for some as well as it could limit the enjoyment you get from it. The previously mentioned price also comes into play as it is not the best if you’re working to a set budget. Overall though this is a quality unit that brings style as well as practicality to give a high pressure solution to the issue.

5. Aqua Elegante

Engineered with durable ABS plastic, the Aqua Elegante low flow shower head is designed to stand up to the day to day use a shower head gets and pressure it operates at.

It has a fantastic 36 nozzles that blast out the water at just the right flow and pressure, meaning you will not suffer from the drawbacks of low water pressure anymore.

There is also a removable pressure flow limiter if you want an extra boost and a spa-like shower experience. A great touch is an easy installation that allows you to remove your old head and fix this one in its place with no fuss. 

In addition, a fabulous 5-year warranty is included in case you need it.

The makers promise a full refund if you’re not happy with the product in any way. This confidence in the product shows just how durable and well-made it is.

Unfortunately, there is only one fixed spray pattern to use and the spray it produces is very fine according to some user reviews. If you like a wider spray then this may not be the best shower head for you.

Some user reviews have also mentioned it can be noisy when turned on for the first few minutes and make a whistling sound. Again, you may need to consider if this would affect the relaxing nature of your bathing time.

6. Delta H20 Kinetic

This single function H20Kinetic shower head comes armed with a limited lifetime faucet and finishes warranty from Delta.

Easy to install, the adjustable H20Kinetic flow it produces is unique and the pressure sculpts the water into an interesting wave pattern against your skin. It gives a totally different bathing experience due to this and is recommended if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary.

The flow rate is also adjustable, ranging from 1.85gpm to 2.5gpm, so you can set it up to how you like it in terms of pressure or save energy. 

The spray it gives and the pressure the water comes out is very good compared to using a normal shower head.

The material it’s made from is plastic which is not the best compared to other heads made from materials such as brass. It also is not the best looking piece of kit which could be a negative as it won’t look quite as elegant in your home. However, at the price of $15.99, it’s great value for the money.

7. Zen Fresh Ionic

Now, this is an interesting shower head that gives great pressure well but offers something different too. The Zen Fresh system gives a high pressure shower head, filtered flow of purified water to rejuvenate you as you shower.

The bioactive stones contained in the shower head cleanse the water as it passes through and helps reduce oil secretion and smooth your skin.

It gives a steady, top pressure flow which is exactly what you need in a showerhead. The laser perforated technology helps to save water without sacrificing any pressure or flow. Easy to install, this gives a spa-like feel in your own home.

However, user reviews have reported problems with the build quality not being the highest in some cases as hairline cracks have appeared in the product after limited use. It also does not have any adjustable settings making it less desirable compared to heads that do.


The YOO.ME Hand Held shower head kit boasts an upgraded 2XP Turbocharging by water conservation principle that gives it a powerful pressure spray and impressive water flow.

 If you suffer from muscle pain the high-pressure water pause impact will help relieve it greatly. This product also comes with multi-function to give you plenty of options when you’re in the shower.

It’s simple to fit and you will certainly notice the difference in water pressure when you begin to use it.

The only downside to this particular shower head is that some user reviews have reported the flow and pressure is a little too powerful for the bracket that holds it in place.

There have been reports of the bracket failing to hold it and it jumps out when switched on or in use due to the pressure flowing through it. In terms of price, it’s mid-range at $24.32 but isn’t the cheapest out there.

9. Niagra Earth Massage

The Niagra Earth Massage low flow shower head is the best we looked at in terms of price, coming in at just $8. Despite, this low price it does feature 9 adjustable turbo massage settings so you can get the pressure and shower experience you need.

Made from a corrosion-resistant, high-impact thermoplastic body, it is strong and well designed.

A nice touch is the self-cleaning, non-aerated spray which makes it maintenance free. This means you can spend more time showering and less time cleaning.

The major negative point with this shower head is the relatively low 1.25gpm flow rate on it. While this will save money, some user reviews have reported the flow rate to be too low and not provide a high enough pressure to give a satisfying shower experience.

 If this would be a problem for you, it might be better to go with one that gives a higher flow rate and pressure output.

10. NRG Economy Super Spray

The New Resources low flow shower head is a great product especially for those on a budget. Coming in at just under $12 for a double pack, this gives great value for money.

A great feature of this shower head is the rubber thermojets on it that are efficient and maintenance free.

Boasting a respectable 1.5gpm flow rate and a reoperl pressure controller that gives you a strong, steady flow of water, this definitely does the job in terms of improving the pressure and your shower experience.

The major downside with this shower head is the lack of different settings on it. It only has the one fixed spray pattern which may discourage you from buying it. It is also a little on the small side compared to some others on the market currently. For the effect on the pressure though and price, it is hard to complain! 

Having poor water pressure in your area needn’t mean you can never take a proper shower again. Investing in a tailored low-pressure shower head will solve the problem for you and have you enjoying shower time again.

As with all things, it’s worth taking your time to think about what features are important to you personally so you can ensure you choose the top option. 

As you can see from our list, there are many different heads out there to suit your needs and budget, even if there is pressure in these areas.

So, whether it’s a stylish design, a variety of settings or a head that simply gets the water out of the shower at a high enough pressure, there will be one that is best for you.

In Conclusion

Using a water efficient shower head can drastically reduce your monthly water bill, help the environment, and even improve your health especially if you’re in an area where toxic chemicals are frequently added to the water supply (fluoride and chlorine being the popular two).