9 Best Shower Panels for 2020

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Best Shower Panels

Isn't it great when you can afford to have your own luxury inside your house? Most likely, it's your bathroom that needs some fixing.

You can either buy some cool tiles, decorate your bathroom or simply get a shower panel that will make your bathroom shine again. 

Before you roll your eyes, let me tell you that shower panels aren't to be ignored! 

With a quality shower panel system, you can make your everyday routine more enjoyable than ever. Furthermore, they add a nice touch to your bathroom wall, giving it a classy and elegant look.

Before you move on to the list, let's take a look at our chart above. 

We've arranged the products in the way that the first one is the most recommended, while the last one is... well, the least recommended.

Needless to say that every product on this list is chosen carefully in order to make it easy for you to choose the right one. So, are you ready to take a shower of your life?

The list below was updated as of 2020 to ensure that our viewers are getting the most accurate up to-date information. 




Review Score:




Blue Ocean 52”

5 of 5 Stars




Golden Vantage GV-SP0046

4.7 of 5 Stars


AKDY AK-78739M

4.6 of 5 Stars


​Perfecto Kitchen and Bath SP0057

4.2 of 5 Stars



4 of 5 Stars

9 Shower Tower Panel REVIEWS

Shower Tower Panel REVIEWS

Did you know that quality of a shower tower panel depends mostly on its material and build quality?

It's quite obvious that there are tons of different materials and not each of them is great.

The good thing about shower panels is that you can get both cheap and expensive ones and still get a decent build quality! 

If you aren't keen on spending that much cash, this is great news for you, isn't it?

Furthermore, they add a nice touch to your bathroom wall, giving it a classy and elegant look. Before you move on to the list, let's take a look at our chart above.

We've arranged the products in the way that the first one is the most recommended, while the last one is... well, the least recommended.

Needless to say that every product on this list is chosen carefully in order to make it easy for you to choose the right one. So, are you ready to take a shower of your life? If so, let's kick off our list!

#1 Blue Ocean 52 SPA392M - The BEST Shower Panel (Editors Choice)

Imagine a hot, steamy shower after your long day at the office. You come home and you see SPA392M shower panel in your bathroom.

The first thing you'll notice here is the build quality of this shower panel. Its aluminum design allows SPA392M to be sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to mount. With its 52" in height, you can place this tower a little above your floor level and still get a decent height. 

Thanks to 8 adjustable nozzles for water massage, you'll like your shower time even more and maybe do a concert for the invisible audience in your bathroom.

Blue Ocean 52" panel is easily the best shower panel system due to its generous possibilities. For example, we have a stunningly bright LED display that helps you choose a corresponding water temperature.

You don't want to burn your skin nor do you want to freeze like Yeti in December.

Aside from that, we have a hand held shower head for added versatility and this one packs a punch! It's important that you can use all of the functions independently, which is kinda cool.


  • Comes with a rainfall and a handheld shower head
  • Easy to use LED temperature display
  • Made of very durable material 
  • One of the best features is the 8 adjustable nozzles providing an awesome water massage


  • Slightly pricy
  • Few customers found some of the features tough to figure out

#2 Perfetto Kitchen & Bath GV-SP0046

Perfetto Kitchen & Bath is a pretty tall shower panel that looks like a real giant from your favorite superhero movie.

However, it's an elegant solution for your bathroom, offering a sleek, stainless steel design that you'll admire. This one is also simple to use and mount!

You have a couple of buttons which you can use to control several shower functions, including waterfall, horizontal massage spray, and rainfall. 

As we can see, the massage function is here, making your shower a bit more enjoyable. On the other side, we have a portable section which isn't all that great.

It's somehow small, narrow and packs a punch like a little baby. 

But, this part isn't the highlight of the product as you'll most likely spend your time with a shower head on the wall. For those who like to take shower with jets on the wall, GV-SP0046 is here to give you a great time.

You can now get a quality water massage and smell like Paco Rabanne's One Million.


  • The rainfall mode is amazing, offering 50 nozzles for an amazing experience.
  • The GV-SP0046 comes with an amazing design, combining a durable stainless steel with a sleek and modern look of the product.
  • Thanks to UPC and cUPC certificates and Thermostatic control, the chance of scald is reduced to a minimum.
  • The interface is quite simple, even for a newbie.


  • You'll need a tall bathroom for this one since it's 63 inches tall.
  • It's a high-quality shower panel system, so expect to pay more.

#3 AKDY AK-78739M 

If you need an elegant shower panel for your bathroom, always look for aluminum one. AKDY AK-78739M is a 52-inch shower panel that's made of aluminum and tempered glass.

The tempered glass feels solid to the touch, providing just enough scratch protection for your aluminum.

Aside from its crystal-clear LED display, AKDY's shower tower provides several buttons for utilizing all of its amazing features.

We have 8 adjustable jet nozzles which you can use to tweak your massage regimen. 

You can't go wrong with a nice massage while you rub your armpits and sing your favorite song.

The integrated shower head above is enough to make you imagine a waterfall. With its shiny silver color, you can say goodbye to stains and calcium on your panel. 

Needless to say, this is one of the best bathroom shower wall panels for your money.


    • The build quality is amazing.
    • AKDY Ak-78739M has a bright LED display, which is quite nice at this price point.
    • The overhead shower head gives an amazing stream of water and the handheld one feels like quality, too!
    • Due to its shiny silver color, you can pretty much forget about stains all over the place.
    • A tempered glass/aluminum combination is sleek, classy, and looks nice.


  • It's a rebranded design of SPA392M shower panel.

#4 Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057

SP0057 comes directly from Perfetto Kitchen and Bath woodworks, granting an amazing quality for the price.

If you've ever wanted to embrace the black color of your bathroom, now it's the right time to do so.

SP0057 ditches a boring, shiny paint in favor of matte black finish that speaks for itself. Since this is a 65-inch shower panel, you'll be happy to see a plethora of features here.

We have several massage modes, we have an overhead shower head, and we also have a handheld one. 

This one is very tiny but saying it's bad would be a mortal sin. 

Aside from that, we have the angle-adjustable water jets that will hit every desired spot on your body with ease, thanks to 8 high-powered water spray jets. 

The only downside is the price, which many of you will find utterly high.


  • SP0057 comes with eight water spray jets.
  • The stainless steel with an elegant black finish is going to make a perfect addition to darker bathrooms.
  • Although it's pretty tall, the size is greatly reduced due to its sleek and narrow design.
  • Both overhead and handheld parts are simply amazing.
  • All shower functions can be used simultaneously.


  • It's a bit pricey.
  • Due to its black color, it's suitable mostly for the black or dark grey bathrooms.

#5 AKDY JX-9002 

Next, on our list, we have another gentle giant that will probably evoke your imagination. It's slightly cheaper than SP0057 but offers a fair share of features, making it a great buy.

We have everything that's typical for this price point- an overhead shower head and a solid handheld one. While I don't' like this showers head, I'm satisfied with its quality. 

But, with its stainless steel design, you won't have to worry about durability and sturdiness. This a second to none high-quality steel.

When it comes to features, JX-9002 is pretty generous. There are eight spray jets that can be controlled with a responsive function control valve. Furthermore, we have a waterfall and rainfall shower that can be used independently. 

The water spray jets are also angle-adjustable, so its unlikely that you'll ever miss that stubborn point on your back.

To make things even better, AKDY made sure that we have a minimum pressure of 29 psi with a maximum of 72.7 psi, making it a worthy all-around product.


  • The angle-adjustable massage sprays are always welcome. With a total of 8 sprays, the massage quality is top-notch.
  • Water pressure ranges from 29 psi to 72.7 psi, making it ideal for those who want to fine-tune their showers experience.
  • Both rainfall and waterfall settings are supported by the overhead shower head.
  • AKDY JX-9821 is made of stainless steel which grants durability and sturdiness. This is one of the best stainless steels we've seen so far.


  • It's quite big and robust. If you don't have a big bathroom, you can pretty much forget about JX-9821.
  • For those looking to save some money, this is not it.

#6 AKDY AZ-SP0055

AKDY AZ-SP0055 is a product that's slightly different than the previous products on our list. The main reason behind this is a retro design that doesn't have anything to do with the robustness and sturdiness of stainless steel.

This is a nice aluminum/tempered glass panel that will easily complement every type of bathroom. 

Decor Star for making this product available in several different colors, making it versatile and ready for your favorite place.

Feature-wise, AZ-SP0055 provides just enough firepower for the given price. The standard 8" stainless steel shower head is interlaced with 81 nozzles that will gently pour the water over your head.

Offering a total of 3 shower functions, you can enjoy its beautiful rainfall, horizontal massage spray or simply use a handheld shower head.

The massage jet panels aren't angle-adjustable, which is quite a shame. 


  • AKDY AZ-SP0055 looks quite nice and doesn't take much space.
  • The aluminum/tempered glass design might not be as sturdy as the stainless steel one. However, it's more than suitable for this product.
  • For a relatively cheap shower panel system, it's great to have eight high-quality massage jets.
  • The 8-inch overhead shower head comes with 81 nozzles, granting a precise control over water pressure.
  • It comes in a variety of different colors, making it suitable for every bathroom.


  • The handheld shower head shows mediocre results.
  • There aren't angle-adjustable massage jets.
  • We have to pay a different price for every color.

#7 ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel PS12-S2

PS12-S2 comes from ELLO&ALLO, a well-known manufacturer in this field. 

It depends. As a stainless-steel shower panel, it's durable and feels solid to the touch. The main highlight of PS12-S2 is a LED shower head that emits a bright blue light when you initiate the water flow.

It's quite obvious that ELLO&ALLO loves LED, as they introduced a LED temperature display which is always a big plus in my book.

Aside from the LED shower head, we have a handheld shower head that does a pretty amazing job.

There are 4 adjustable jets nozzles for a Power Mist massage, as well as 3-setting features for a handheld shower head.

Everything is customizable here, allowing you to take showers the way you want it. However, only two shower settings can be used simultaneously, which is quite surprising for this expensive piece of shower panel.


  • PS12-S2 comes with a LED overhead shower head that adds a nice touch to the product. It emits a blue light which looks nice in most bathrooms.
  • Its premium stainless steel design is top notch.
  • Aside from LED shower head, there is a LED temperature display. This display does a nice job of keeping you informed of your water temperature. Needless to say, it's a premium feature.
  • Four adjustable jets nozzles are great for giving your message a quick boost.
  • When it comes to a handheld shower, we have a total of three settings.
  • Surprisingly, the handheld shower head is pretty good.


  • Due to its numerous functions, PS12-S2 isn't that simple to install.
  • Only two shower functions are controllable at the same time. We didn't expect such limitation at this price point.

#8 Blue Ocean SPA33D 52”

Blue Ocean SPA33D is a slightly smaller shower panel, despite its name. Since we are near the end of our list, we need to mention some cheap shower wall panels.

The Blue Ocean SPA33D features a high-quality aluminum body with silver finish. I must express my gratitude towards Blue Ocean.

They really did a good job of making SPA33D build quality top notch, especially at the given price. 

If you like your shower panel stylish, this one will do wonders for you!

The best of all is that we have both overhead and handheld shower head for increased versatility.

Although handheld shower head isn't something to brag about, in this case, it's more than welcome.

Blue Ocean SPA33D is advertised as a massage panel and as such, it sports a total of eight massage jets to make your shower time desirable. My only complaint is the plastic handle of a handheld shower. If it falls down from a certain height, it may break apart.


  • One of the most affordable shower panels on our list.
  • The design looks much more expensive.
  • For those who want a great massage panel, SPA33D offers eight massage jets, which is quite impressive.


  • A plastic handheld shower head will probably break if it falls to the ground.
  • The massage quality is prioritized, leaving a lot to be desired from other features.

#9 Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0061

They say that the poison is always stored in a small bottle. At this point, it's pretty clear that we are talking about a small shower panel that isn't going to give you a lethal dose of poison.

Instead, SP0061 35" panel is here to show you that compactness has its own advantages.

We have a great combo of stainless steel and tempered glass which is going to surprise a lot of new users.

Quite frankly, this combination is rarely seen in shower panels, so I'm pretty happy with the manufacturer's choice.

When it comes to features, Sp0061 isn't keen on showing you its maximum potential. For example, we have only two massage jets, unlike eight, which we see at more expensive panels. 

However, these jets are powerful as a lion and we have a (mediocre) handheld shower, which is super duper cool. Don't expect anything unusual from this shower head since this is a massage panel.

Still, with a decent-sized overhead shower head, this panel is going to justify its affordable price


  • Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0061 is an affordable panel.
  • Offers a massage function, which is great for the given price.
  • The overhead shower head is decent.
  • Its combination of stainless steel and tempered glass is simply amazing.


  • Offers only two massage functions.
  • The handheld shower head isn't quality enough.

 What Are The KEY Aspects of Shower Panels?

Material & Build Quality

These two go together. The build quality depends on the material from which your shower panel is built. Usually, the best option for sturdiness and durability is no other than stainless steel.

Stainless steel can be located in both cheap and expensive shower panels and it's a great option for almost any buyer.

On the other side, we can find a lot of aluminum shower panels that are often slightly less durable and focused on aesthetics. Aluminum is a more beautiful material that will easily decorate your bathroom, especially in enclosed stalls that can be found here.


Size does matter... doesn't it? Well, it does. Shower panels are usually ranging from 36" to 65" in height which is a pretty wide diapason.

According to this, you want to carefully choose your shower panel. If your bathroom is big and comfortable, you can easily go with a 65" shower panel. If not, you can seek the smaller ones, which are usually a bit cheaper.

Quality of Shower Head

This is one of the most important aspects of a shower panel system. Aside from jets on the wall, all of them have overhead and handheld shower heads. The overall quality of these two can vary a LOT.

If you like to shower with a handheld one, you can prioritize a sheer quality of this part. For those who like an elegant waterfall over their heads, there are tons of affordable shower panels that will satisfy your thirst.

The Massage Functionality 

The Massage Functionality

The massage functionality is a feature that we all love. However, not every shower panel can produce such a quality massage and that depends on the water pressure, as well as massage jets.

Ideally, it would be great if you can buy a panel with eight angle-adjustable massage jets. They will provide you with a massage that you can only dream of.

But, some of them come with double or even quadruple the less and still perform well.

Advanced Features

Advanced features are reserved for the expensive shower panels. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly is an advanced feature since every buyer has its own set of expectations. ​

Example, a LED display or LED shower head can pretty much be in this compartment. It's nice to have a LED-illuminated shower panel, but these usually cost much more.