Best Rain Shower Heads of 2018:
Reviews of Top 10 Picks!

You know, standing in the rain is one of the best feelings ever.. you know.

It probably explains why we're often times just realizing that we've been standing under the rain shower head for 30+ minutes and have not touched the soap once.

In this guide, we're going to cover the best rain shower heads on the market. 

With that, you'll be able to stand under a heavy bout of rain, forgoing all your worries, and just enjoy your naturalistic inclinations. 

Sadly, however, this couldn’t be done on a regular basis.

After all, you would most probably be clothed at such a time, and that may ensue cold or pneumonia. Though, there's more than one rainfall shower head to consider listed below.

Note that this will in a warm (or cold if you choose) flow of water, will feel much better than you’d experience outside. Also, you could fine-tune the flow to your liking, based on your preference. So, if you enjoy heavy droplets of rainfall, you could be easily tuned to that, and if you like pouring rain, then that is also an option!

Keep on reading, as we will dive deep into reviews of ceiling mounted rainfall shower heads which have proven time and time again, exceptional picks by the average consumer.

The list below was updated as of August 1st, 2018 to ensure that our viewers are getting the most accurate up to-date information. 

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Rain Shower Heads for 2018 with Reviews

1. SR Sun Rise Luxury - Highest Rated Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head for 2018

SR Sun Rise Luxury... is a showerhead that is both comfortable with its soothing stream of water, as well as durable. It has been made with the finest of materials, which also allow for maximum operability.

The product is resistant to corrosion, due to its make, and also sports a modern and sleek look.

While taking a bath under this shower head, you are bound to experience the perfect rainfall, coupled with an unmatched experience.

Also, this is one amongst the best rain shower heads for low-intensity water flow. 

Largely accorded to its air pressure water technology, which ensures that the flow of water is regulated, providing you with a far more soothing experience as compared to normal ones.

And, the silicon gel nozzles used to create this shower head makes certain that there is no lime build up. The lime build-up is a common phenomenon in normal ones, and could result in an inappropriate flow of water, something that this head won’t show! Also, this makes it far easier to clean.

Also, the installation is very easy, as it doesn’t require any tools, and could easily be installed without requiring any expertise. Another point in favor of the shower head!


  • Silicon gel nozzles, which ascertains no lime build up.
  • Easy to install, and doesn’t require any expert help.
  • Consistently powerful flow, which makes sure that you don’t have to wait for the right flow!
  • Much easy to clean, as it’s easy to remove.
  • The 25gpm flow rate saves you a lot of water, 30% to be precise.


  • There is a possibility that you may experience water dripping after turning the tap off, but this largely depends on the settings chosen.

2. Vida Alegria Spa 8″ - Square Rain Shower Head

The Vida Algeria comes with 144 silicone jets that have been evenly and well laid out across, they ensure a consistent, smooth, and soothing flow of water.

Such a flow isn’t too hard on your body, and neither is too soft. This ascertains that your shower is soothing and calming, without having to immensely worry about the flow of water.

And, it has a removable restrictor, so if you don’t need it, just remove it. 

This makes it very easy to control the flow of water and would aid you in fine tuning it based on your requirement. Feel the rain with the intensity you want. 

Now tell us if you can find something like that with real rains!

The installation process is a breeze and could be easily completed within minutes. The instructions that comes that come along with this are quite handy and takes you across the installation process in easy, step by step manner. Also, it comes with a strong base connector and Teflon tape, which makes it almost possible for cracks and leaks to develop in the shower head.

And also, it is very easy to clean and remove the dirt accumulated, thanks to its silicone nozzles. If you find yourself in any kind of trouble, the manufacturer is just a phone call away, so rest assured! But don’t worry, you won’t have to call them too often, you could easily rely on your shower head.


  • High-quality material.
  • Installation is as easy as A, B, C.
  • Provides you with a spa-like experience, thanks to its 144 evenly spread out silicone jets.
  • The jets produced are thin and soothing, all the while making sure that you are not inundated with too much water.
  • The unit is quite stylish and dashing ( if such a word could be used for a shower head! ).
  • Also, it could mimic a waterfall, with much ease.


  • If it is not set up properly, then there is a possibility that water may run into your face.

3. WantBa 8″ - Circular Rain Shower Head

This shower head comes with 157 Jets, and have been reiterated time and again, higher the number of such jets, the closer you would feel to a real-time rain experience.

These jets come with a patented micro-hole technology, which provides you with a controlled flow of water, and, in turn, a far more fulfilling experience.

Also, the 2.5 GPM water flow makes the WantBa 8"quite a water efficient one, a technology that has proven its mettle time and again.

This would ensure that you pick the best shower heads for low water pressure, and also play your part in saving the environment, a win-win situation, we would say!

And, the modifiable ball is just another added advantage, as it would make sure that the flow of the jet is controlled, and evenly spread out. If you want to experience an invigorating and uplifting drenching experience, then this could be your best bet. A claim that has been fortified by various experts and customers alike.


  • A design that is quite apart from the products of today, and would make your shower head stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Easy to install, all you have to do is follow the guide to the tee.
  • The Jets are evenly spread out, ensuring a calming and soothing experience.
  • You don’t have to purchase separate shower extensions with the product, it’s easy to adjust right from the box.


  • Some people may find the water pressure inadequate, but then again, it depends on personal preference.
  • The design is different, yet some users have found it simplistic. It’s all about the power of choice!

4. SomovWorld

This Shower head sports a wide array of features like anti-leak, anti-clog, and a modernized design. All of these features help it stand out amongst the crowd of such heads populating the market.

Also, it provides you with a constant stream of water, which wouldn’t stop working on you anytime soon, thanks to its low maintenance factor.

Also, the restrictor that comes with this shower head is easy to remove and could be removed based on your convenience. 

The swivel ball present with this product lets you change the direction of the flow of water, which makes it quite easy to adjust it based on your needs.


  • You could rest assured of its quality, as it has undergone stringent quality checks.
  • The AB5, the high-quality material makes it easy to use and also lightweight.
  • The nozzles can clean on their own!
  • You don’t need any tools or specific expert guidance to install it.


  • The design may not suit all the bathroom types, though it’s quite imaginative.

5. Moen S6320

A product that has been well recommended by many critics as well as customers alike. This is the most advanced shower head from the house of Moen s6320 and has been built accordingly, utilizing the highest quality materials.

When you take a bath under this shower, you are sure to feel something much closer to real rain.

You can choose between the various settings that the nozzle comes in, from the 30 nozzles all the way to the 100 nozzles option.

Hence, you are free to choose it based on your mood, and the kind of experience that you want to derive from the product. Also, the shower head has been well made, so you could rest assured of its quality, it won’t let you down, we promise!


  • Elegantly built, and is sure to draw eyeballs.
  • Let’s you choose the steam speed, based on your preference.
  • The nozzles are easy to clean and to use.
  • Made from the highest quality materials, which assures you of its longevity.


  • Some customers have complained about the speed of the flow, but then there is a possibility that they could have set the speed incorrectly.

6. Delta RP 52382

It comes with fluid lines, and a clean, contemporary look, which is bound to differentiate it with the other products populating the market. 

And you are bound to feel a sense of exuberance upon entering your bathroom, which has this shower head installed, as it would abide by all your commands, as well as do as you please. 

All of this thanks to its adjustable nature.

Also, the shower head is easy to clean because of the way the jets have been laid out, and are easily approachable. And, you don’t have to rely on expert help to fix it, as it could easily do it on your own, without having to rely on sophisticated tools and devotion of time.


  • Quite sturdy as it has been built with the highest quality materials.
  • Easy to adjust thanks to its adjustable mechanism.
  • The jets are easy to clean as they have been well laid out.
  • Aesthetically appealing.


  • The flow may not match the needs of all the users.

7. Aquafaucet 10" 7813

This is a product that commands a design that is different yet appealing to the eye. It comes with an adjustable flow setting, which could be based on your preference and could be used as you may want.

Also, this shower head comes with the LED lighting feature, one of the advanced features as having been mentioned previously.

And, the product is known to gel very well with any type of bathroom, thanks to its built, which could be accessed and used by all bathroom types.

The LED lighting present on this shower head gives it a realistic feeling, which ascertains that you actually feel standing under the rain, and could enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Also, the product is easy to mount to any surface, and the installation procedure is easy to follow. All you have to do is follow the guide that comes with the product, and you could install it easily without having to rely on external help.


  • Built with the highest quality materials, which would ensure its longevity.
  • The LED lighting features make it stand apart from the crowd and is a feature that is very easy to use.
  • It has just the right size (10″) to mimic the rain experience.
  • Easy to clean as well as to install, all you have to do is follow the interactive guide that comes with this shower head.
  • Pleasing to the eye, as it comes with a modern look.


  • May not appeal to the purists.

8. American Standard 10″

The water output from the American Standard 10" inch shower head is smooth, soothing and relaxing all at once!

It would ensure that all your tiredness of the day gone by gets dissipated as soon as you enjoy a hot shower under it.

 The construction is based on brass, which makes it robust and durable, and would make sure that you don’t have to get it checked too often.

Also, it comes with detachable helm, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

All the dirt that may get accumulated on its surface could easily be removed, thanks to its dirt trapping properties. To remove such an accumulation, you just have to detach the head and rinse it off with water.


  • Very easy to clean, thanks to its dirt accumulation properties.
  • The product is quite the looker, as it resembles something made out of the highest craftsmanship.
  • Easy to install, you just need to follow the guide that comes with this shower head.
  • The brass finish makes certain that it lasts you for a long time.


  • Is known to stop sometimes. The reason could be the unusual and untimely maintenance and dirt removal.

9. Yodel 12"

The dimension of this rainfall shower head is quite large ( 12″ ). And, as we have mentioned earlier, larger the dimension, better would be the effect.

The wideness of this shower head ensures that the water flow is evenly laid out, and is enough to cover all the area it’s supposed to.

It is made entirely of stainless steel, without having used any fragile parts. 

This ascertains it’s longevity and would make sure that the product would last you for a long time.

Also, it is easy to clean, as all it needs is removing the head and then rinsing it with water, to clear off any undue dirt accumulations.


  • 12″ Dimension, makes it easier for this shower head to mimic rains.
  • Easy to clean, and efficient in its usage.
  • A highly reliable product, thanks to its stainless steel make.
  • Possesses modern looks..


  • Could be a bit hard to setup, due to its size.

10. Waterpik AST 233CC

Here’s another one that we consider as one of the best rain showerheads that are made using stainless steel, which ensures that the product lasts you for a long time to come.

Also, it comes with a design that is quite unlike ones mentioned on this list.

This shower head comes with an oval design, and also lets you decide between two distinct spray mode.

The modes being: Total body spray and Power spray, with their own set of benefits.
Also, it an easy to clean shower head and could be easily assembled and installed by you, without needing any expert help or supervision. 


  • Oval design, which is quite distinctive in nature.
  • Two spray settings.
  • Easy to install and clean, and doesn’t require any guided supervision.
  • Made of stainless steel, which would last you quite a long time.


  • You may end up spending too much water if you choose the wrong setting.

Advantages of the Best Rainfall Shower Heads


The best rainfall showerheads would provide a controlled flow of water, unlike standard ones, which inundates you with excessive water. It is quite the positive that works in the favor of such units, as it makes sure that your day after a long work session isn’t mired by a feeling of being drowned under excessive water.

Also, it would provide you with a soothing experience, and you could control the water flow based on your preference, much unlike normal shower heads.

Unlike normal shower heads, which are firmly placed at the sides, rain shower heads are positioned directly above you, held rigidly in place by the ceiling overhead. This ensures that you don’t have to twist and turn your body in a weird fashion, just to clean it completely.

Also, just placing makes it far easier to wash your shower head, which would be very hard to do normally. Hence, for a complete body wash, the rain shower head would be your best bet.


Rain shower heads come in various forms, and materials used to build them. They are usually made of metal or chrome, and some are made of plastics too. This allows you the benefit of choice, as you could very easily decide on the design, based on your personal preference.

Also, the control mechanism varies across the many presents in the market, including some as led shower heads.

Things To Consider with Rainfall Shower Heads

When you decide on buying yourself rainfall showerheads, there are some points that should be kept in mind, as they would ascertain one that best suits your needs, and also comes at a viable price point.


While deciding on buying a rain shower system, you have to understand your bathroom design. Could it hold a shower head of such dimensions? If your bathroom hasn’t been updated in decades, then it would be very hard for it to accommodate the shower head.

So, if you are looking forward to creating a spa-like an experience in your bathroom, you have to understand the layout of your bathroom, and if needed bring about any changes to it. Trust us, it’s worth the upgrade!


Although most of the shower heads are ceiling mounted, some could be wall mounted too. Due to the complex plumbing required for ceiling mounted rain shower heads, wall-mounted have gained increasing popularity over the years.

Though, it is worth mentioning that they, in no way whatsoever, reduce the effectiveness of the rain shower head. After all, they are placed in such a manner that the flow is arched behind you, imitating the feeling of a soothing and relaxing rainfall.


The rain shower heads come in two distinct shapes: square and round. Depending upon the make of your bathroom, you could decide on buying one. A square one is best suited for contemporary bathroom’s, as they are built in a square like fashion, and could easily make room for your shower head.

While, round ones work best with bathrooms who have a circular curvature to them, and could effectively make way for a shower head with round contours.


Rain shower heads come in various sizes, starting from 6″, all the way up to 20″. Deciding on the one that suits you best is usually left to your better judgment. But, of course, the ones with the bigger surface area would imitate the feeling of rain far better than the ones without.

Hence, they could be your best bet to achieve such an experience. One with a large diameter all-around would be perfect for a shower enclosure kit. Since you’ll be closed off, it will engulf you and give you a much more relaxing experience.


Once you have decided on the shape, size, contours etc. you have to decide the finish. Rain shower heads come in various finishes, depending upon the manufacturer, and the make of the product. They may include different metal tones like bristled, brushed, oiled etc. and also the features that they come with.

Another point worth considering is matching it with your bathroom, as these shower heads are usually made keeping contemporary bathrooms in mind, it wouldn’t be hard for you to find one.

Do You Want To Install One Properly?

Now I'm not going to dive deep into this topic, as this is only . a guide for picking the top rated rainfall shower heads. With that being said, if you want instructions head over to this guide on how to install a rain shower head, shown step by step.

In Closing & Conclusion

This about sums up all of the what you read above when it comes down to picking the right kind of overhead rain shower setup for your bathroom. When you're looking to buy a single head, be sure to read through detailed reviews so you can find the best one.