Best Shower Arm Extension Reviews 2018 - Top 4 Hight Adjustable & Fixed Pipes

Ahh… the shower arm extension, it’s one of the few parts that gets overlooked at quite easily. Very unnoticeable part of the showering experience, until a much better one, is installed.

Have you ever bathed and had to bend your neck down because of its overall extension from the wall? Almost feels like it was designed specifically for hobbits…

Depending on which country you go to, they will either have a high mounted shower head or a rather low mounted shower head. Being able to pick one you can adjust up and down, will be the absolute best choice for you.

Shower Head Extensions for All Bathrooms 2018

You don’t have to suffer like that anymore. You can actually get shower head extensions that can both raise and lower the shower head.

Below, we’ve got the best shower head extensions. Ones that have been proven to work well with others users!

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What Exactly Are They?

It’s simply a metal pipe that runs from the main water source piping directly to your shower head. They range in shapes and functions, but most are plain and boring looking. Most look like short 12-inch elbow that gives your shower head a slight decline.

Sometimes, they can be too low and it makes the experience more of a headache than it is supposed to be. This is an easy fix with a proper arm/extension.

Just take a look at the chart below or, look below for our brief shower arm reviews.

Top 5 Shower Arm Extension Reviews 2018

1. LDR 2419CP High-Rise Shower Arm Extension

If you have decent space in your shower, then you’ll see the full advantages of using the LDR High Rise Shower Arm W/Flange.

This shower arm does not point directly down which typically would give people a rain shower feel. Instead, it points at about a 40-50 degree angle outward, so the perfect place for you to stand would probably be around the middle of your tub.

The moment you get this shower arm, you’ll see it’s super easy to install. Having the 1/2” standard connectors on both ends, it will fit 99% of shower heads that are in the US market today.

From your current shower arm height, this arm will raise the height by about 10 whole inches. If you’re tired of bending your neck all the time while taking a shower, this shower arm will solve that problem instantly!

2. Danze D481116 13-Inch S-Shape Shower Arm

One of our favorite shower arms in the list, the Danze 13” inch S-Shaped shower arm. This one is made of solid brass construction, raises the whole shower head by a whopping 12” inches and extends out by an impressive 13”.

For the ultimate rain shower experience, without actually getting a ceiling shower head… This is an inexpensive alternative!

Don’t supper by bending your neck down to take a shower, get this shower head and raise the height by 1 whole foot!

3. Moen S113 Waterhill

The Moen S113 is a shower arm that is made of 100% base, finished off with a chrome coating. This arm/extension gives most shower heads a slight angle outwards by around 40 degrees.

After you replace your current old shower arm, the Moen S113 arm will increase the height by around 4” inches, and give it an extra 8 inches of space outwards.

If your shower head of choice pivots, it will work perfectly as a shower arm for a rainfall style shower.

4. American Standard 12″ Wall-Mount Shepherd’s Crook

American Standard 12″ Wall Mounted “Shepherd’s Crook shower head extender gives a true rain shower experience, especially when pair up with any top rain shower heads (ideally one with wide coverage).

When completely installed, it literally looks like a shepherd’s crook for a wall mount. 100% brass construction feels sturdy, but not overwhelmingly heavy like you’d expect.

It can fit virtually any shower head on the market right now and tell people are going to love this arm. (a great addition to this extension arm is Pfister Mariella Raincan Rain Shower Head).

We recommend this shower arm if you want a waterfall feeling, a very sturdy shower head extension and overall providing a better experience!

5. Delta Faucet Universal 10 -Inch

We have chosen the Delta Faucet Universal Arm as the #5 most recommended on our list. This is excellent for most homes, especially those that are particularly high pressure.

You can adjust the height about 9-10 inches in either up or down direction.

From what we noticed, be cautious not to hit put too much pressure using a wrench when performing an installation. This may cause bending.

For any home, it’s a very inexpensive addition to any older shower arm extension.

Whether you’re tall or short, this will work for you and you won’t ever have to lean over while showering. (unless you are 8 feet tall).

Properly Install Shower Arms / Shower Extensions

If you want to properly install your new shower arm/extension on your own, just take a look at this video right below. A very relatively easy task, as long as you follow instructions. 

Here it is:

Main Advantages of Quality Shower Head Extensions

Your current shower head extension could be quite old. There could be a ton of hard water build up (calcium, magnesium and other minerals).

This can not only make your water flow worse, but also it may even cause other problems deeper into your plumbing system.

With a new and improved shower arm, you may experience:

EXTRA: You might also enjoy reading the guide for the best shower heads for the money. We have an official guide for that.

  1. A noticeable increase in water flow – depending on the width of the shower head, your water flow rate may actually increase (especially if your last one had a noticeable layer of minerals built up).
  2. Raise and lower – some shower arms/extensions can let your move you’re it up or down. This is perfect for people of all kinds of heights.
  3. Increase the appeal – you may have a beautifully tiled shower, with a stainless steel head… add a beautifully designed extension and you have yourself one beautiful setup!
  4. Gives more freedom – regular shower heads including double shower heads, and just plain old shower heads which mount directly to your wall can be extended outward giving you more movement freedom.

Find The Best Shower Arm That Suits You

  • Know the quality – simply look at the product description and user reviews. If the shower arm extension you’re looking at has quality issues, the users will usually make it known in their reviews. Look for nickel, stainless steel, or even brass as a building material.
  • Which finish would you prefer – if your shower head is a gloss white, it makes sense to find a gloss white shower arm.  Or vice verse, stainless steel shower head with a stainless steel shower arm extension. The whole setup tends to look much better when it all matches, so you choose accordingly.
  • Make sure it fits – how crazy would it be to have a monster shower head, and purchase a tiny elbow shaped shower arm extender.  Not only will it look odd, but it most likely won’t fit together properly. Look at the pictures provided in the product listing as well as google images for additional product images.

NOTE: You can use these extensions on a filtered shower head, something that generally needs some work due to its bulk. Also, if you like to jam out with music, a Bluetooth shower head will benefit from using an arm and extension.

The two I mentioned usually are a bit more bulky, as a result giving you less flexibility to move them around. The right extension will do the job.